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  • united kingdom RAF Museum Hendon

    London, Greater London, England

    United Kingdom

    Satellite and aerial maps of RAF Museum with nearby locations

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    0.5285 Hendon, England
    8.8316EGTR Elstree, England
    8.8180EGL59 Hammersmith Hospital, England
    8.9212 Vanguard, England
    12.1158 The Science Museum, England
    12.6349 Salisbury Hall, England

    1972 to present

    51° 35' 56'' N - 0° 14' 19'' W
    Elevation: 165 feet

    History of this Location

    The RAF Museum occupies a small south eastern part of the former RAF Hendon in Colindale, N London. It was opened by HM Queen Elizabeth II on 15 Nov 1972.

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    List of aircraft and events at RAF Museum

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    By Date | By Serial

    1974-jul ExhibitRN R-4 KK995
    1974-jul ExhibitRAF Type 192 Belvedere XG474
    2002-sep-19 R-4 ?
    2002-nov ExhibitMinistry of Defence (MoD) EH101 ZJ116
    2003-apr ExhibitRAF HAR10 XP299
    2003-apr ExhibitRAF HT.3 XW855
    2003-oct-25 EH101 ZJ116
    2003-oct-25 HCC.4 XV732
    2003-oct-25 HT.3 XW855
    2004-jan-27 EH101 ZJ116
    2004-jan-27 HCC.4 XV732
    2004-jan-27 HT.3 XW855
    2004-jan-27 R-4 ?
    2005-jan-02 EH101 ZJ116
    2005-jan-02 HCC.4 XV732
    2005-sep-06 HT.3 XW855
    2006-jan-07 EH101 ZJ116
    2006-mar-04 HT.3 XW855
    2007-may-12 EH101 ZJ116
    2007-aug-13 HCC.4 XV732
    2007-aug-13 HT.3 XW855
    2008-may-03 HT.3 XW855
    2008-jul-11 EH101 ZJ116
    2008-jul-21 R-4 ?
    2008-nov-04 HCC.4 XV732
    2009-aug-13 EH101 ZJ116
    2009-oct-01 HT.3 XW855
    2010-apr-13 EH101 ZJ116
    2010-apr-13 HT.3 XW855
    2010-jul-13 R-4 ?
    2017-aug-08 HCC.4 XV732
    2018-apr-03 ExhibitAgustaWestland UK EH101 G-OIOI
    2018-apr-03 HAR.3 XZ585
    2018-apr-03 ExhibitRAF HAR10 XP299
    2018-apr-03 ExhibitRAF HCC.4 XV732
    2018-apr-03 ExhibitRN R-4 KK995
    2018-apr-03 ExhibitRAF Sycamore 3 WV783
    2018-apr-03 ExhibitRAF Type 192 Belvedere XG474

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