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Puerto Rico


Satellite and aerial maps of Roosevelt Roads with nearby locations

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3.3313TJRV Ceiba, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
29.2125 off Vieques Island, Puerto Rico
46.7300TJSJ Luis Munoz Marin, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
50.8295PR01 Hato Rey Heliport, Puerto Rico
52.5293PR68 Hato Rey, Puerto Rico
56.6297TJIG Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

18° 13' 30'' N - 65° 37' 15'' W

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List of aircraft and events at Roosevelt Roads

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1976-mar-01 -UK Royal NavyAudacious classR09 HMS Ark Royal
1982-nov-05 1982-nov-11 -UK Royal NavyInvincible classR05 HMS Invincible
1985-jan-22 US NavyHSS-2 Sea King148046

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