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  • argentina Campo de Mayo

    San Miguel, Buenos Aires


    Satellite and aerial maps of Campo de Mayo with nearby locations

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    7.1050SADD Don Torcuato, Buenos Aires
    9.8149SADP El Palomar, Buenos Aires
    11.4038SADF San Fernando, Buenos Aires
    11.7256SADJ Mariano Moreno, Buenos Aires
    16.0172SADM Moron, Buenos Aires
    16.1170 Museo Nacional de Aeronautica, Buenos Aires

    34° 32' 0'' S - 58° 40' 0'' W
    18 nm NW city of Buenos Aires
    Elevation: 79 feet

    History of this Location

    Main base of the Argentine Army Aviation. Command, training and maintenance facilities are here.

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    List of units at Campo de Mayo

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1979/    EscAvExplAtq602A109a 1979/11
    205 1979/   
    1956/    BHelicAsal601AS332B Super Puma 1986/   
    CH-47C Chinook 1979/82
    SA330L Puma 1978/96
    212 1976/   
    205 1970/   
    EcAvEj206B-3 Jet Ranger 2011/   
    360 1980/11

    Campo de Mayo News

    H215 Demo Tour in Argentina, Chile and Peru, 19-Apr-16 : During a three-week tour, both civil and military customers in Argentina, Chile and Peru will take demo flights on the H215 / AS332C1e helicopter

    List of aircraft and events at Campo de Mayo

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    By Date | By Serial

    1973 EA UH-1H AE-413
    1973 EA UH-1H AE-409
    1979 EA CH-47C AE-520
    1979 EA CH-47C AE-521
    1980 EA A109A AE-334
    1989 EA SA330L AE-502
    1999-may EA 205A-1 AE-428
    1999-may EA UH-1H AE-432
    2008-may-24 UH-1D AE-431
    2009-jul-19 UH-1H ?
    2009-dec EA UH-1H AE-459
    2010-apr EA UH-1H AE-434
    2010-aug EA UH-1H AE-495
    2011-may-29 UH-1D AE-467
    2011-may-29 UH-1H ?
    2011-dec-07 A109A AE-338
    2012-may EA 212 AE-450
    2012-may EA UH-1D AE-467
    2012-may EA UH-1H AE-454
    2012-may-09 UH-1D AE-431
    2013 EA FH-1100 AE-389
    2013-may-29 EA 212 AE-450
    2013-may-29 EA SA315B AE-387
    2013-may-29 EA SA315B AE-390
    2013-may-29 EA UH-1H AE-457
    2013-may-29 EA UH-1H AE-464
    2013-nov-29 UH-1H AE-446
    2015-jan GNA UH-1H GN-932
    2016-apr-21 H215 N578AC
    2019 EA UH-1H AE-465

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