brazil Santos Dumont Airport

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

Satellite and aerial maps of Santos Dumont with nearby locations

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1.8331 Arsenal de Marinha, Rio de Janeiro
4.1217SDPG Palacio Guanabara Heliport, Rio de Janeiro
4.5183SDHU Morro da Urca Heliport, Rio de Janeiro
5.5 30 Niteroi Naval Base, Rio de Janeiro
8.7219SDRJ Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro
9.0217SDHL Rio de Janeiro Lagoa Heliport, Rio de Janeiro

22° 54' 38.16'' S - 43° 9' 47.16'' W

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List of aircraft and events at Santos Dumont

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1998-aug-13 A109E PowerPT-YSK
2004-dec-17 HB350B2 EsquiloPT-HYQ
2005-mar-19 HB350BA EsquiloPT-YDF
2005-may-07 HB350BA EsquiloPT-HYV
2005-jul-12 S-76APR-NLF
2006-feb-26 AS365N2 Dauphin 2PT-YRM
2006-mar-19 HB350B EsquiloPT-HNX
2006-sep-29 HB350B2 EsquiloPT-YLS
2007-jun-30 HB350B3 EsquiloPR-EPC / 2
2008-feb-09 222PP-MEH
2008-aug-28 HB350B2 EsquiloPR-CAA
2009-jan-03 HB350B2 EsquiloPT-YZM / 14696
2009-mar-21 S-76CPR-LCX
2010-jan-18 EC225LPPR-VLL
2010-mar-20 A109E PowerPP-MCB
2010-mar-20 HB350B2 EsquiloPR-KLI
2010-may-07 Bo105AHB-ZJF
2010-nov-01 HB350B2 EsquiloPR-FBV
2011-jan-01 AW139N339MS
2011-jan-01 AW139N156JS
2011-mar-01 EC225LPPR-CHY
2011-mar-01 EC225LPPR-CHW
2011-mar-01 S-76APR-EDA
2011-aug-06 AS565AA PantherEB2020
2011-sep-01 MD600NPR-HSL
2011-nov-01 EC155B1PR-AXM
2011-dec-18 Bo105AHB-ZJF
2012-mar-08 S-76APR-EMR
2013-jul-01 EC155B1PR-AXM
2015-mar-20 EC135P2+PP-LAS

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