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  • usa Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport

    San Juan, Puerto Rico



    Satellite and aerial maps of Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci, Puerto Rico with nearby locations

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    5.2152PR68 Hato Rey, Puerto Rico
    6.1133PR01 Hato Rey Heliport, Puerto Rico
    10.4100TJSJ Luis Munoz Marin, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
    53.5116TJRV Ceiba, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
    56.6117 Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico
    60.9269TJAB Arecibo, Puerto Rico

    18° 27' 24.48'' N - 66° 5' 54.61'' W

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    List of aircraft and events at Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci, Puerto Rico

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    By Date | By Serial

    2006-jan-26 412EP N136PD
    2006-feb-09 407 N139PD
    2006-feb-22 HH-65 6573
    2006-feb-27 State of Puerto Rico 407 N137PD
    2006-mar-02 AS350B3 N188BR
    2006-mar-10 EC155B N155WH
    2006-mar-27 HH-65 6583
    2007-apr-22 State of Puerto Rico AS332C N5800Z
    2007-sep-19 407 N69JU
    2007-nov-04 407 N139PD
    2008-jan-15 407 N139PD
    2008-jan-22 407 N440JR
    2008-apr-21 407 N311DJ
    2008-apr-22 407 N440JR
    2008-jun-15 212 H-81 / UN-136
    2008-aug-19 State of Puerto Rico AS350B2 N5854Z
    2008-aug-23 412EP N136PD
    2008-sep-01 AS350B2 N924CH
    2008-sep-13 HH-65 6521
    2008-sep-27 206B-2 N326AC
    2008-sep-30 CH-53E 162010 / EN-24
    2008-oct-01 407 N69JU
    2008-nov-01 USCG HH-65 6524
    2008-nov-18 HH-65 6523
    2008-nov-26 State of Puerto Rico 407 N137PD
    2008-nov-26 OH-58A 70-15120
    2008-dec-01 HH-65 6512
    2009-jan-09 206B-2 N326AC
    2009-mar-05 Helisul Taxi Aereo 206L-4 PR-HEB
    2009-apr-09 OH-58A N133PD
    2009-apr-12 State of Puerto Rico 407 N137PD
    2009-may-28 UH-72A 08-72068
    2009-jun-27 SA330B 1316 / AG
    2009-jun-28 CLIPPER II N7528U
    2009-sep-01 105CBS-4 N105CR
    2009-oct-07 USCG HH-65 6524
    2009-oct-28 407 N440JR
    2009-dec-01 AMRG 105C N911AK
    2009-dec-01 AS350B3 N188BR
    2009-dec-11 EC155B1 G-HBJT
    2009-dec-15 BETA N348VH
    2009-dec-15 HH-65 6512
    2010-jan-01 EC130B4 N130LG
    2010-jan-15 MD500E N127PD
    2010-jan-23 EC155B1 G-HBJT
    2010-feb-01 AS350B2 N924CH
    2010-mar-01 AMRG 105C N911AK
    2010-mar-01 105CBS-4 N105CR
    2010-apr-01 State of Puerto Rico 407 N137PD
    2010-apr-25 SA330B 1316 / AG
    2010-jun-01 206B-2 N326AC
    2010-jun-01 UH-72A 08-72068
    2010-aug-01 412EP N136PD
    2010-sep-01 State of Puerto Rico AS350B2 N5855Z
    2010-oct-01 HH-65 6579
    2010-oct-13 HH-65 6575
    2010-oct-26 HH-65 6566
    2010-nov-23 AS350B3 N188BR
    2010-dec-04 BETA N348VH
    2010-dec-21 HH-65 6582
    2011-mar-10 412EP N136PD
    2011-mar-31 105CBS-2 C-FNHE
    2011-apr-09 AMRG 105C N911AK
    2011-apr-22 407 N440JR
    2011-jun-21 412EP LV-ZXO
    2011-jul-06 UH-72A 08-72068
    2011-aug-01 407 N69JU
    2011-sep-29 UH-72A ?
    2011-oct-10 AS350B2 N924CH
    2011-nov-15 UH-72A ?
    2011-dec-05 407GX C-GHNW
    2011-dec-12 EC145 M-SRNE
    2012-jan-12 412EP LV-ZXO
    2012-feb-24 EC145MB N365AE
    2012-mar-16 UH-72A ?
    2012-mar-18 HH-65 6575
    2012-apr-05 UH-72A ?
    2012-may-22 OH-58A 70-15120
    2012-aug-14 429 N429BH
    2012-sep-01 A109C YV1648
    2012-sep-01 BETA N348VH
    2012-oct-05 407 N139PD
    2012-oct-05 EC145MB N13VL
    2012-oct-05 HH-65 6579
    2012-oct-28 AS350B2 N924CH
    2012-oct-31 State of Puerto Rico AS350B2 N5855Z
    2013-jan-05 BETA N348VH
    2013-jan-22 OH-58A 70-15120
    2013-feb-19 A109C YV312T
    2014-jan-25 EC145 M-SRNE
    2014-feb-08 EC145 M-LUNA
    2014-may-11 State of Puerto Rico 407 N137PD
    2014-jun-22 429WLG C-GVZG
    2014-oct-26 412EP N136PD
    2016-jan-01 UH-72A 13-72315
    2016-nov-20 CHI Aviation S-61N N906CH
    2018-nov Helicopteres Helicarrier Inc S-61N C-FIZA
    2019-oct-26 State of Puerto Rico 407 N137PD

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