australia Essendon Airport

Melbourne, Victoria

8.9316YMML Melbourne Intl, Victoria
11.5158YYBK Yarra River Heliport, Victoria
13.2173 Port of Melbourne, Victoria
15.3177 Williamstown, Victoria
20.2222YLVT Laverton, Victoria
26.2210YMPC Point Cook, Victoria

37° 43' 38.28'' S - 144° 54' 14.43'' E

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
Air Ambulance VictoriaAW139 2015/   


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By Date | By Serial

1984-nov-17 212VH-NSC
1993-nov-02 412VH-NSP
1995-oct-14 A109cVH-LUI
2000-nov-25 A109cVH-LUI
2002-apr-30 A119 KoalaVH-FOX
2002-jun-16 AS365N3 Dauphin 2VH-PVH
2002-dec-23 CH-54B TarheN179AC / 743
2003-jan-26 412VH-NSP
2003-may-18 A109cVH-LUI
2003-aug-23 A119 KoalaVH-FOX
2003-sep-21 412EPVH-VAA
2003-oct-30 AS332L Super PumaVH-BHK
2003-nov-16 AS332L Super PumaVH-BHY
2003-dec-16 214BLN-OPO
2004-mar-02 S-61NN116AZ
2004-mar-02 S-61NN612RM
2004-mar-03 214B-1C-GTWZ
2004-may-29 412VH-BZH
2004-jun-06 205A-1VH-NNN
2004-sep-25 AS365N3 Dauphin 2VH-PVG
2004-sep-25 S-70B-2 SeahawkN24-006 / 875
2004-sep-25 S-76AVH-LHN
2004-nov-21 AS332L Super PumaVH-BZU
2004-dec-16 412VH-UAH
2004-dec-20 CH-54B TarheN179AC / 733
2004-dec-29 AS350B EcureuilVH-ALP
2004-dec-29 AW109E PowerVH-FOX
2005-apr-23 S-70B-2 SeahawkN24-015 / 884
2005-jun-05 AS365N3 Dauphin 2VH-PVG
2005-jun-12 AS332L Super PumaVH-BZU
2005-sep-01 AS365N3 Dauphin 2VH-PVH
2005-oct-29 427VH-JJS
2005-dec-13 212C-FKGT / 345
2005-dec-27 CH-54B TarheN179AC / 733
2005-dec-30 212C-FZQB / 346
2006-jan-07 212C-GZMQ / 347
2006-jan-15 AS332L Super PumaVH-BHH
2006-jan-17 AS332L Super PumaVH-BZF
2006-jan-28 CH-54B TarheN722HT / 722
2006-feb-02 AS332L Super PumaVH-BZU
2006-feb-02 CH-54B TarheN179AC / 733
2006-apr-08 S-76AEZ-S704
2006-aug-26 AS350B EcureuilN22-018 / 865
2006-dec-23 212C-FZQB / 346
2006-dec-23 CH-54A TarheN217AC / 732
2006-dec-27 206L-1 Long RangerVH-BHF / 307
2007-jan-05 AS350B3 EcureuilVH-IPW / 308
2007-jan-23 206L-1 Long RangerVH-BHF / 307
2007-jan-23 CH-54A TarheN217AC / 732
2007-jan-23 CH-54B TarheN179AC / 733
2007-jul-24 EC120BVH-ECP
2007-aug-12 412EPVH-VAB
2007-sep-15 AS365N3 Dauphin 2VH-PVG
2007-oct-14 AW109E PowerVH-FOX
2007-oct-14 AW109S GrandVH-FOX
2007-nov-25 S-61NN7011M
2007-dec-22 CH-54A TarheN218AC / 749
2007-dec-23 AS365N3 Dauphin 2VH-PVH
2008-jan-12 CH-54A TarheN218AC / 749
2008-jan-15 AS365N3 Dauphin 2VH-PVH
2008-jan-20 S-61NC-FTIG
2008-jan-29 A109cVH-DKV
2008-feb-01 CH-54B TarheN179AC / 739
2008-feb-21 AS332L Super PumaVH-BWJ
2008-mar-25 EC120BVH-BKU
2008-apr-05 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGO
2008-apr-16 S-61NN7011M
2008-may-06 AS365N3 Dauphin 2VH-PVG / HEMS1
2008-may-07 AS332L Super PumaG-CEYJ
2008-aug-23 AW109E PowerN42-505
2008-oct-17 412VH-NSP
2008-nov-04 407VH-CKJ
2008-nov-08 212VH-JJK / 332
2008-nov-14 205A-1VH-NNN / 335
2008-nov-15 206L-1 Long RangerVH-BHF / 307
2008-dec-01 AW109E PowerVH-FOX
2008-dec-01 AW109S GrandVH-FOX
2008-dec-13 CH-54A TarheN173AC / 733
2008-dec-31 206L-1 Long RangerVH-VDZ / 309
2009 Bristow AustraliaAS332L Super PumaVH-TZD
2009-feb-11 AS350B3 EcureuilVH-YXX
2009-feb-14 CH-54A TarheN218AC / 749
2009-feb-16 AW109E PowerN42-505 / 505
2009-feb-16 AW109E PowerN42-501 / 501
2009-feb-16 CH-54B TarheN179AC / 739
2009-feb-25 412SPVH-LLI
2009-mar-04 AW109E PowerVH-FOX
2009-mar-04 AW109S GrandVH-FOX
2009-apr-06 Lloyd Helicopters412EPVH-VAA
2009-apr-08 Helicorp Pty Ltd205A-1VH-NNN
2009-apr-08 Helicorp Pty Ltd206L-1 Long RangerVH-BHF
2009-apr-08 US EricksonCH-54A TarheN194AC
2009-apr-08 US EricksonCH-54A TarheN218AC
2009-apr-08 US EricksonCH-54A TarheN217AC
2009-may-05 S-61NN7011M / 767
2009-jul-20 412EPVH-VAS
2009-nov-03 212VH-JJR / 333
2009-nov-18 S-61LC-FMAY / 347
2009-nov-24 S-61N Mk.IIC-FXEC
2010-jan-20 S-76BN7689S
2010-mar-27 S-70B-2 SeahawkN24-001
2010-may-29 AS365N3 Dauphin 2VH-PVD
2010-jun-08 AW109E PowerVH-LWJ
2010-aug-19 AS350B EcureuilVH-ENC / 271
2010-nov-29 EC135T2+VH-PVE
2010-dec-01 CH-54A TarheN164AC
2010-dec-04 CH-54A TarheN243AC / HT343/749
2011-mar-02 CH-54A TarheN218AC / 749
2011-mar-02 CH-54B TarheN179AC / HT341
2011-mar-27 S-61NC-GBSF / 347
2011-mar-27 S-61NC-GJQE / 348
2011-jun-29 AS332L1 Super PumaVH-LYI
2011-dec-05 206L-1 Long RangerVH-BHF / 308
2011-dec-15 AW109E PowerVH-BRB
2012-mar-22 412EPVH-VAA
2012-mar-22 S-61NC-FIRX / 347
2012-apr-08 AS332L Super PumaVH-BZC
2012-jun-15 412EPVH-VAO / HEMS5
2012-jul-05 AS332L Super PumaVH-BYT
2012-aug-03 412EPVH-VAU / HEMS5
2012-aug-14 EC135T2+VH-PVE
2013-apr-19 412EPVH-EPK
2013-jul-10 EC130B4VH-NXX
2013-aug-27 407GXN407CE
2013-aug-27 412EPN412TX
2013-oct-24 Toll Group212VH-JJR
2013-dec-12 US EricksonCH-54A TarheN194AC
2013-dec-17 CA Coulson AircraneS-61NC-FIRX
2014-apr-23 EC120BVH-BKU
2014-nov-27 412EPVH-VAS
2015-jan-01 S-92AVH-ZUW
2015-jan-17 US EricksonCH-54A TarheN194AC
2015-jan-24 412EPVH-VAB
2015-feb-03 CH-54A TarheN957AC / 738
2015-mar-20 412EPVH-VAO / HEMS4
2015-mar-23 S-92AVH-ZUW
2015-mar-25 412EPVH-VAU
2015-mar-28 412EPVH-VAS
2015-apr-04 412EPVH-VAO
2015-apr-08 412EPVH-VAS
2015-may-20 S-92AVH-ZUW
2015-jun-12 AW139VH-YXF
2015-jun-16 AW139VH-YXG
2015-jun-18 Bristow AustraliaS-92AVH-ZUW
2015-jul-07 S-92AVH-ZUW
2015-aug-10 412EPVH-VAO
2015-aug-15 S-92AVH-ZUW
2015-sep-11 412EPVH-VAO
2015-nov-01 S-92AVH-ZUW
2015-nov-04 AW139VH-YXF
2015-nov-06 412EPVH-VAO
2015-nov-24 S-61LC-FMAY
2015-dec-01 412EPVH-VAO
2015-dec-01 AW139VH-YXF
2015-dec-17 AW139VH-YXG
2016-jan-04 AW139VH-YXF
2016-jan-05 AW139VH-YXG
2016-feb-01 AW139VH-YXF
2016-feb-26 AW169VH-LSN
2016-mar-18 US CHI AviationCH-47D ChinookN947CH
2016-mar-23 AW139VH-TJH
2016-apr-17 AW139VH-YXF
2016-apr-19 S-92AVH-NBP
2016-apr-26 AW139VH-YXG
2016-nov-26 US EricksonCH-54A TarheN957AC
2016-dec-04 S-92AVH-NBP
2017-mar-19 PG CHI Papua New Guinea234LRP2-CHK

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