australia Coffs Harbour Hospital

Coffs Harbour, New South Wales


Satellite and aerial maps of Coffs Harbour Hospital with nearby locations

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2.4099YCFS Coffs Harbour Regional, New South Wales
24.9023 Woolgoogla, New South Wales
126.3189YPMQ Port Macquarie, New South Wales
143.4260YARM Armidale, New South Wales
166.1005YLIS Lismore, New South Wales
166.2242YWCH Walcha, New South Wales

30° 19' 1.25'' S - 153° 5' 32'' E
Elevation: 22 feet

History of this Location

The helipad (in existence since at least 2004) was refurbished with an improved surface and lighting around Sep 2019.

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