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  • united kingdom Everett Aero

    Ipswich, Suffolk, England

    United Kingdom


    Satellite and aerial maps of Abbey Oaks with nearby locations

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    5.2105 Ipswich Harbour, England
    7.6093EGE65 Ipswich Hospital, England
    7.8282EGST Elmsett, England
    8.0115EGSE Ipswich, England
    8.8250 Benton End, England
    11.8309EGUW AAC Wattisham, England

    52° 3' 36'' N - 1° 5' 21'' E
    Elevation: 150 feet

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    List of aircraft and events at Abbey Oaks

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    By Date | By Serial

    2001-jun Everett Aero AH.1 XP854
    2001-dec SproughtonEverett Aero HC.2 XR517
    2003-mar SproughtonEverett Aero AH.1 ZB666
    2003-mar SproughtonEverett Aero HU.5 XT467
    2003-mar SproughtonEverett Aero Wasp XS463
    2008 Everett Aero AH1 ZD276
    2008-mar Everett AeroRN Wasp XT434
    2014-mar Breakers YardAAC AH1 XZ185
    2015-jun SproughtonEverett Aero HAS.3 ZD249
    2015-sep AAC AH.1 XX384
    2018-apr SproughtonEverett Aero AH.1 XV123
    2018-apr SproughtonEverett Aero AH7 ZF539
    2018-apr SproughtonEverett Aero AH9 ZG887
    2018-apr SproughtonEverett Aero AH9 ZG888
    2018-apr SproughtonEverett Aero AH9 ZG914

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