algeria c 2.7nm SW of Douera

Douera, Tipasa


Satellite and aerial maps of c 2.7nm SW of Douera with nearby locations

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24.5041 Algiers,
30.3072DAAG Houari Bouimedienne Aeroport, Algiers
146.3252DAOI Ech Cheliff / El Asnam, Chlef
224.0101DAAS Ain Arnat, Sétif
284.0332LEIB Ibiza, Balearic Islands
284.7334ESIBZ Ibiza, Balearic Islands

36° 37' 0'' N - 2° 53' 15'' E
E of Ben Chabane
Elevation: 55 feet

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List of aircraft and events at c 2.7nm SW of Douera

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2017-aug-10 AccidentTassili Airlines206L-3 Long Ranger7T-WUF

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