Cam Ranh Naval Base

Cam Ranh , Khanh Hoa

vietnam Vietnam

Satellite and aerial maps of Cam Ranh with nearby locations

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
Cam Ranh , South Central Coast 11.0008VVCR
Nha Trang , South Central Coast 36.4358VVNT
Dong Tac / Tuy Hoa , South Central Coast 128.6006VVTH
Camp Radcliff , Tinh Gia Lai 240.6345
LZ Charles , Tinh Gia Lai 243.4344
LZ Meade , Binh Dinh 259.6354

  Cam Ranh

11° 54' 0'' N     109° 12' 12'' E
Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa

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List of aircraft and events at Cam Ranh

2017-apr-122017-apr-15 JMSDF Akizuki 2010 class DD-118 JS Fuyuzuki

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