Wuchang Shipyard

Wuhan , Hubei

china China

Satellite and aerial maps of CSIC Wuchang with nearby locations

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
Nanchang , Jiangxi 242.6139ZSCN
Hefei , Anhui 302.8057ZSOF
Huangshan , Anhui 392.2102ZSTX

  CSIC Wuchang

1934 to present

30° 32' 0'' N     114° 17' 0'' E
Wuhan, Hubei

Produces surface ships and submarines at this inland location.

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List of ships built at CSIC Wuchang

2016Corvettebangladesh Type C13B Shadhinota class

2014-nov-30BD F111 BNS Shadhinota Type C13B Shadhinota class
2014-dec-30BD F112 BNS Prottoy Type C13B Shadhinota class
2018-feb-21BD F113 BNS Sangram Type C13B Shadhinota class
2018-apr-8BD F114 BNS Prottasha Type C13B Shadhinota class

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