united kingdom Haverigg

Millom, Cumbria, England

United Kingdom

Satellite and aerial maps of Haverigg with nearby locations

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4.2079GBMLM Port Millom, England
8.2159EGNL Barrow Walney Island, England
9.9138EGB06 Furness General Hospital, England
11.5153 BAE Systems (Vickers), England
13.5211UK17 Ormonde OWF, Offshore UK
14.2141 Rampside Gas Terminal, England

1992 to 2010

54° 12' 1.5'' N - 3° 18' 29'' W
Bank Head
Elevation: 30 feet

History of this Location

The RAF Millom Museum Project shared part of this site with HM Prison Haverigg. The museum started in 1992 but closed to the public in Aug 2010 and auctioned off its remaining exhibits in Jan 2011.

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List of aircraft and events at Haverigg

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1996-oct ExhibitWhirlwind HAS.7XM660
2008-apr-13 ExhibitWhirlwind HAS.7XN298

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