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  • united kingdom Imphal Barracks

    York, North Yorkshire, England

    United Kingdom

    Satellite and aerial maps of Imphal Barracks with nearby locations

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    1.1328 Foss Barrier, England
    2.8336EGK12 York Hospital, England
    5.9112EGYK Elvington, England
    8.8016 Strenshall Camp, England
    8.8016 Strensall AMSTC, England
    11.9121 Storwood, England

    1877 to present

    53° 56' 39'' N - 1° 4' 11'' W
    Fulford Road
    Elevation: 40 feet

    History of this Location

    Northeastern Garrison. During the first Cold War, this was also the planned site of a Regional Seat of Government (RSG2), following a nuclear strike on the UK.

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