Krankenhaus Ludmillenstift

Meppen , Lower Saxony

germany Germany

Satellite and aerial maps of KH Ludmillenstift with nearby locations

Nearby locationsKmBearing
Meppen , Lower Saxony 4.9030ETWM
Emmer-Compascuum , Drenthe 26.0299
Nordhorn-Lingen , Lower Saxony 26.5195EDWN
Stadskanaal , Groningen 39.0332EHST
Hopsten , North Rhine-Westphalia 42.7157ETNP
Krankenhaus Papenburg , Lower Saxony 43.4008MHPA

  KH Ludmillenstift

52° 41' 18.5'' N     7° 17' 36.75'' E
Rooftop helipad, Meppen, Lower Saxony
Elevation: 90 feet

The rooftop helipad was commissioned around 2011, in preparation for redevelopment over the original ground level landing site in 2014, c 140m to the NE.

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