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  • Johnson South Reef

    Spratly Island Group


    Satellite and aerial maps of Mabini Reef with nearby locations

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    31.7047 Hughes Reef, Spratly Island Group
    74.0006RCSP Taiping Island, Spratly Island Group
    135.4080 Panganiban Reef, Spratly Island Group
    136.4350 Zamora Reef, Spratly Island Group
    137.5351 Zamora Naval Base, Spratly Island Group
    138.1080 Panganiban Naval Base, Spratly Island Group

    9° 42' 58.3'' N - 114° 17' 13.3'' E
    Johnson South Reef
    Elevation: 5 feet

    History of this Location

    By mid 2017, the Chinese had reshaped the island and built a single spot helipad, with support buildings.

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    List of aircraft and events at Mabini Reef

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    2018-sep-30 USN Arleigh Burke Flight II class DDG-73 USS Decatur

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