united kingdom Rescue from mv Melpol

Offshore UK
United Kingdom

Satellite and aerial maps of mv Melpol with nearby locations

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62.7348 off Selsey Bill, Offshore UK
68.8322 off Ventnor, Isle of Wight
72.6340 Nab Tower, Offshore UK
72.7 19UK36 Rampion OWF, Offshore UK
76.6138LFOH Le Havre Octeville, Haute-Normandie, 76 Seine-Maritime
77.9333EGHJ Bembridge, England

50 3 5 secs N - 0 37 1 secs W
c 40nm SE of St Catherines Point

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08-dec-8108-dec-81Rescue from mv Melpol

List of aircraft and events at mv Melpol

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1981-dec-08 Royal Fleet AuxiliaryEngadine classK08 RFA Engadine
1981-dec-08 RescueFleet Air ArmSea King HAS.2XZ579

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