united kingdom off Anvil Point Lighthouse

Swanage, Offshore UK
United Kingdom


Satellite and aerial maps of off Anvil Point with nearby locations

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21.8205 S of St Albans Head, Offshore UK
28.5351 Poole, England
31.1 11 Winton, England
32.5322 Bovington, England
32.9 17 Royal Bournemouth Hospital, England
34.1 49 Needles, Isle of Wight

50 27 52.5 secs N - 1 57 39 secs W
7.5nm S of Anvil Point

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List of aircraft and events at off Anvil Point

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1977-mar-29 AccidentRoyal NavyType 12 Rothesay classF107 HMS Rothesay
1977-mar-29 AccidentFleet Air ArmWaspXS531

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