off de Koog

de Koog , Offshore Netherlands

netherlands Netherlands

Satellite and aerial maps of off de Koog with nearby locations

Nearby locationsKmBearing
10nm NW of Den Helder , Offshore Netherlands 14.6177
Texel , Noord-Holland 21.7094EHTX
L13-FD-1 , Offshore Netherlands 22.6310EHLR
L16 , Offshore Netherlands 23.3236EHQC
L13-FC-1 , Offshore Netherlands 26.1310EHLQ
L13-FE-1 , Offshore Netherlands 26.6319EHLP

  off de Koog

53° 7' 52'' N     4° 30' 23'' E
10nm W of de Koog, de Koog, Offshore Netherlands

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List of aircraft and events at off de Koog

1968-sep-17 AccidentRN Towed Array Exocet Leander class F28 HMS Cleopatra
1968-sep-17 AccidentRN Wasp XT440

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