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Warrington, England
United Kingdom

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15.5237EGGP Liverpool, England
16.3273 Alder Hey Hospital, England
18.9 68EGCB Barton, England
19.2288 Aintree University Hospital, England
22.2320 Ormskirk Hospital, England
22.3291 Netherton, England

1940 to 1993

53° 24' 34'' N - 2° 39' 15'' W
2.5nm NW of Warrington
Elevation: 60 feet

History of this Location

Although building of an aircraft repair facility began in 1938, the base did not open until May 1940, as part of the Ministry of Aircraft Production.

It spent much time under US control. After WWII, in 1948 it was reopened to support the US effort in the Berlin Air Lift and 10 years of growth followed but in Jun 1965 it was handed over to the RAF.

The US Army moved in during early 1967 and consolidated itself on the south side, while the main runway disappeared under the carriageways of the M62 motorway between 1972 and 1974, after which fixed wing operations ceased. The US Army finally withdrew its helicopters in 1993 and the base closed that Jul. Further development is taking place around Warrington, which is gradually removing evidence of it presence.

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List of aircraft and events at Burtonwood

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1968-may-06 Departure pointUS US Army AviationH-34A Choctaw56-4323

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