Taiwan International Shipbuilding

Zhongzheng, Keelung , Keelung

taiwan Taiwan

Satellite and aerial maps of Taiwan International Shipbuilding with nearby locations

Nearby locationsKmBearing
Sung Shan , Taipei 23.0245RCSS
Taoyuan AB , 53.1258RCGM
Taipei Taoyuan Intl , 53.8260RCTP
Lungtang , 62.4237RCDI
Hsinchu , 90.9245RCPO
Formosa I OWF Ph 1 , Formosa Strait 108.8241TW22

  Taiwan International Shipbuilding

25° 9' 22'' N     121° 45' 38'' E
Heping Island, Zhongzheng, Keelung, Keelung

CSBC Corporation, Taiwan formerly known as China Shipbuilding Corporation

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List of ships built at Taiwan International Shipbuilding

1990Support Ship Wu Yi class
1993Guided-Missile Frigate Cheng Kung class

1989-mar-4TW AOE-530 ROCS Wu Yi Wu Yi class
1991-oct-5TW PFG-1101 ROCS Cheng Kung Cheng Kung class
1992-oct-15TW PFG-1103 ROCS Cheng Ho Cheng Kung class
1993-oct-3TW PFG-1105 ROCS Chi Kuang Cheng Kung class
1994-aug-28TW PFG-1106 ROCS Yueh Fei Cheng Kung class
1995-jul-13TW PFG-1107 ROCS Tzu I Cheng Kung class
1997-may-14TW PFG-1109 ROCS Chang Chien Cheng Kung class
1997-jul-3TW PFG-1108 ROCS Pan Chao Cheng Kung class
2002-oct-17TW PFG-1110 ROCS Tian Dan Cheng Kung class

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