Tacoma Boatbuilding

Tacoma , Washington

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
Mary Bridge Heliport , Washington 1.328331WA
Tacoma Narrows , Washington 10.9276KTIW
Lewis-McChord , Washington 13.6193KTCM
Auburn Heliport , Washington 14.8074WA86
Madigan AMC , Washington 18.82091WA8
Gray AAF , Washington 22.6209KGRF

  Tacoma Boatbuilding

1928 to 1992

47° 15' 24.84'' N     122° 26' 4.56'' W
Tacoma, Washington

Formed in 1928 and get unfortunately bankrupt in 1992.
Also in this area was the Todd Pacific Shipyard, Tacoma Division, under various names from 1917 until c 1946 when it was sold to the US Navy, which held it until 1959 when it was sold to the Port of Tacoma.

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List of ships built at Tacoma Boatbuilding

1946Aircraft Carrier Commencement Bay class
1983Coast Guards Famous MEC class

1945-apr-14US CVE-118 USS Sicily Commencement Bay class
1980-sep-25US WMEC-901 USCGC Bear Famous MEC class
1981-mar-19US WMEC-902 USCGC Tampa Famous MEC class
1982-feb-6US WMEC-903 USCGC Harriet Lane Famous MEC class
1982-may-7US WMEC-904 USCGC Northland Famous MEC class

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