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  • usa Robert Derecktor Shipyard

    Middletown, Rhode Island


    Satellite and aerial maps of Robert Derecktor Shipyard with nearby locations

    1947 to present


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    List of ships built at Robert Derecktor Shipyard

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    1984-apr-17US WMEC-905 USCGC Spencer Famous MEC class
    1985-feb-2US WMEC-907 USCGC Escanaba Famous MEC class
    1985-jun-2US WMEC-908 USCGC Tahoma Famous MEC class
    1986-apr-29US WMEC-909 USCGC Campbell Famous MEC class
    1986-apr-29US WMEC-910 USCGC Thetis Famous MEC class
    1987US WMEC-906 USCGC Seneca Famous MEC class
    1987-aug-19US WMEC-911 USCGC Forward Famous MEC class
    1987-aug-19US WMEC-912 USCGC Legare Famous MEC class
    1988-may-18US WMEC-913 USCGC Mohawk Famous MEC class

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