usa Western Pipe and Steel Company

San Francisco, California

Satellite and aerial maps of Western Pipe and Steel Company with nearby locations

1907 to 1974


WPS was founded in 1907. In 1945 the shipyard was sold and abandoned until early 1970s when was involved in the Howard Hughes Glomar Explorer construction.

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List of ships built at Western Pipe and Steel Company

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1943US WAGB-281 USCGC Westwind Wind class
1944US WAGB-278 USCGC Staten Island Wind class
1944US WAGB-279 USCGC Eastwind Wind class
1944US WAGB-280 USCGC Southwind Wind class
1945US WAGB-282 USCGC Northwind Wind class
1946US WAGB-284 USCGC Edisto Wind class
1966US WAGB-283 USCGC Burton Island Wind class

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