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  • germany Howaldtswerke

    Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein



    Satellite and aerial maps of Howaldtswerke with nearby locations

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    1.6328UKCK Universitatsklinikum Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein
    4.3352 Tirpitzhafen, Schleswig-Holstein
    6.5355EDHK Kiel-Holtenau, Schleswig-Holstein
    6.6005ETMK Holtenau Heliport, Schleswig-Holstein
    29.7268 Lurssen (Kroeger Werft), Schleswig-Holstein
    32.5265 Kreiskrankenhaus Rendsburg, Schleswig-Holstein

    54° 19' 8'' N - 10° 9' 20'' E

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    List of ships built at Howaldtswerke

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    1962Frigate F 120 Köln class
    1983Corvettecolombia Almirante Padilla class
    1984Frigate F 122 Bremen class
    1984Corvettemalaysia Kasturi class
    1988Frigateturkey Yavuz class
    1991Frigateportugal Vasco da Gama class
    1995Frigate F 123 Brandenburg class
    2004Guided-Missile Destroyer F 124 Sachsen class
    2006Frigatesouth africa Valor class

    1959-oct-24DE F223 Karlsruhe F 120 Köln class
    1982-jan-6CO FM-51 ARC Almirante Padilla Almirante Padilla class
    1982-jan-8DE F212 Karlsruhe F 122 Bremen class
    1982-apr-23CO FM-52 ARC Caldas Almirante Padilla class
    1982-aug-28CO FM-53 ARC Antioquia Almirante Padilla class
    1983-jan-21CO FM-54 ARC Independiente Almirante Padilla class
    1983-may-14MY F25 KD Kasturi Kasturi class
    1983-may-14MY F26 KD Lekir Kasturi class
    1986-may-30TR F241 TCG Turgutreis Yavuz class
    1990-may-2PT F331 NRP Alvares Cabral Vasco da Gama class
    1991-nov-22PT F332 NRP Corte-Real Vasco da Gama class
    1994-jun-8DE F216 Schleswig-Holstein F 123 Brandenburg class
    2002-aug-16DE F220 Hamburg F 124 Sachsen class
    2002-dec-5ZA F146 SAS Isandlwana Valor class
    2003-octZA F148 SAS Mendi Valor class

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