united kingdom Scott Lithgow (Greenock)

Greenock, Scotland
united kingdom

Satellite and aerial maps of Scott Lithgow (Greenock) with nearby locations

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11.4 61 Vale of Leven District General Hospital, Scotland
18.8211 Largs Bay, Scotland
21.0112EGPF Glasgow, Scotland
21.1347 Glenmallan, Scotland
21.6104 John Brown, Scotland
24.9106 Yarrow, Scotland

55 56 42.8 secs N - 4 44 39.38 secs W

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List of ships built at Scott Lithgow (Greenock)

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1955Support Ship Retainer class
1964Frigate Ikara Leander class
1967Support Ship Regent class
1979Support Ship Fort I class (1978)
1984Support Ship Challenger class

1950-jan-19UK A329 RFA Retainer Retainer class
1950-jul-31UK A280 RFA Resurgent Retainer class
1963-jun-6UK F15 HMS Euryalus Ikara Leander class
1966-feb-11UK A480 RFA Resource Regent class
1978-mar-8UK A386 RFA Fort Austin Fort I class (1978)
1981-mayUK K07 HMS Challenger Challenger class

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