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  • italy Fincantieri Riva Trigoso

    Genoa, Liguria



    Satellite and aerial maps of Fincantieri Riva Trigoso with nearby locations

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    35.5119 La Spezia Naval Base, Liguria
    36.8117 La Spezia, Liguria
    39.8117 Cantiere navale del Muggiano, Lerici, Liguria
    40.3117 Fincantieri, Liguria
    44.1293 Genoa Harbour, Liguria
    48.3112LIQW Maristaeli Luni Sarzana, Liguria

    44° 15' 25.56'' N - 9° 25' 42.60'' E
    Sestri Levante

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    List of ships built at Fincantieri Riva Trigoso

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    1958Destroyer Impetuoso class
    1963Guided-Missile Destroyer Impavido class
    1964Guided-Missile Cruiser Andrea Doria class
    1968Frigate Alpino class
    1972Guided-Missile Destroyer Audace class
    1975Support Ship Stromboli class
    1977Frigate Lupo class
    1978Frigateperu Carvajal class
    1982Frigate Maestrale class
    1987Corvette Minerva class
    1988Landing Ship/Platform Dock San Giorgio class
    1993Guided-Missile Destroyer Durand de la Penne class
    1996Frigate Soldati class
    1998Support Ship Etna class
    2004Corvette Comandant class
    2007Guided-Missile Destroyer Orizzonte class
    2008Aircraft Carrier V STOL Cavour class
    2011Support Shipindia Deepak class
    2013Frigate Bergamini (2013) class

    1956IT D 558 Impetuoso Impetuoso class
    1962IT D 570 Impavido Impavido class
    1963-feb-27IT C 553 Andrea Doria Andrea Doria class
    1967-jun-10IT F 580 Alpino Alpino class
    1967-sep-30IT F 581 Carabiniere Alpino class
    1971-oct-2IT D 551 Audace Audace class
    1975-feb-20IT A 5327 Stromboli Stromboli class
    1976-jul-29IT F 564 Lupo Lupo class
    1976-nov-13PE FM-51 BAP Carvajal Carvajal class
    1977-jun-22IT F 565 Sagittario Lupo class
    1978-feb-7PE FM-52 BAP Villavisencio Carvajal class
    1978-jul-8IT F 566 Perseo Lupo class
    1979-mar-1IT F 567 Orsa Lupo class
    1981-feb-2IT F 570 Maestrale Maestrale class
    1981-sep-7IT F 572 Libeccio Maestrale class
    1982-apr-17IT F 573 Scirocco Maestrale class
    1982-oct-29IT F 574 Aliseo Maestrale class
    1983-mar-25IT F 575 Euro Maestrale class
    1983-nov-19IT F 576 Espero Maestrale class
    1984-may-19IT F 577 Zeffiro Maestrale class
    1985-nov-14IT F 585 Granatiere Soldati class
    1986-mar-25IT F 551 Minerva Minerva class
    1986-jun-21IT F 552 Urania Minerva class
    1987-feb-25IT L 9892 San Giorgio San Giorgio class
    1987-oct-21IT L 9893 San Marco San Giorgio class
    1989-mar-12IT F 555 Driade Minerva class
    1989-oct-20IT D 560 Luigi Durand de la Penne Durand de la Penne class
    1990-dec-4IT F 557 Fenice Minerva class
    1991IT F 558 Sibilla Minerva class
    1991-apr-13IT D 561 Francesco Mimbelli Durand de la Penne class
    1993-dec-2IT L 9894 San Giusto San Giorgio class
    1997-jul-12IT A 5326 Etna Etna class
    2000-oct-7IT P 490 Comandante Cigala Fulgosi Comandant class
    2001-feb-17IT P 491 Comandante Borsini Comandant class
    2001-jun-26IT P 492 Comandante Bettica Comandant class
    2004-jul-20IT 550 Conte di Cavour Cavour class
    2005-oct-15IT D 553 Andrea Doria Orizzonte class
    2007-oct-23IT D 554 Caio Duilio Orizzonte class
    2010-oct-11IN A57 INS Shakti Deepak class
    2011-jul-16IT F 590 Carlo Bergamini Bergamini (2013) class
    2012-mar-31IT F 591 Virginio Fasan Bergamini (2013) class
    2013-jun-29IT F 592 Carlo Margottini Bergamini (2013) class
    2014-mar-29IT F 593 Carabiniere Bergamini (2013) class
    2014-dec-13IT F 594 Alpino Bergamini (2013) class
    2015-dec-19IT F 595 Luigi Rizzo Bergamini (2013) class
    2017-mar-4IT F 596 Federico Martinengo Bergamini (2013) class
    2018-feb-3IT F 597 Antonio Marceglia Bergamini (2013) class
    2019-jan-26IT F 598 Spartaco Schergat Bergamini (2013) class
    2020-jan-25IT F 589 Emilio Bianchi Bergamini (2013) class

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