HMD Chatham

Chatham , Kent , England

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Medway Maritime helipad , England 1.9151
Rochester , England 5.3197EGTO
Burham , England 5.6209
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White Horse Wood , England 11.7157
London Cruise Terminal , England 12.8298GBTIL

  HMD Chatham

1613 to 1984

51° 23' 43'' N     0° 31' 36'' E
Chatham, Chatham, Kent, England

In 1613, the dockyard moved downstream to its present site from the original 1547 location, further up the River Medway. A national catastrophe occurred in Spring 1667, when the Dutch under Admiral de Ruyter raided the Medway, burnt the fleet at anchor and captured the English flagship.

During the early 18th Century the focus of British attention shifted from the North Sea to the Atlantic and Mediterranean. The result for Chatham was a change from Main Fleet Base to that of build and repair yard. Chatham was a leader in industrialising naval process towards the latter end of the century, with revolutions in wood cutting, ropemaking and the manufacture of paint.

HMS Victory was built at Chatham between 1759 and 1765. When the Admiralty Board suspended building further sailing ships in 1849, Chatham was ready with steam powered warships.

In Nov 1981, the UK Govt announced that Chatham would close and after supporting the Falklands campaign and some final refits - of which HMS Hermione Seawolf conversion was the last frigate work - the base closed on 31 Mar 1984.

The site is now a tourist attraction as The Historic Dockyard and as well as the usual nauticalia, exhibits include the early steam/sail warship HMS Gannet, CA class destroyer HMS Cavalier (D73), Oberon class submarine HMS Ocelot (S17) and Dragonfly HR.5 WG751.

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List of ships built at HMD Chatham

1954Support Ship Vidal class

1951-jul-31UK A200 HMS Vidal Vidal class

List of aircraft and events at HMD Chatham

1966-aug Ready for WaspRN Type 12 Rothesay class F126 HMS Plymouth

1968-aug Ready for WaspRN Type 12 Rothesay class F106 HMS Brighton

1969 RN Type 12 Rothesay class F108 HMS Londonderry

1971-jul1973-dec-15 RN Type 81 Tribal class F119 HMS Eskimo

1973-may Navy DaysRN Type 81 Tribal class F119 HMS Eskimo

1978 RN Endurance (1967) A171 HMS Endurance

1980-jan RefitRN Seawolf Leander class F58 HMS Hermione
1980-mar RN Type 81 Tribal class F133 HMS Tartar

1999-aug Exhibit HR.3 WG751

2019-sep-19 RN River (Batch 2) class P223 HMS Medway

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