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  • vietnam Trường Sa Airport

    Trường Sa, Spratly Island Group


    Satellite and aerial maps of Spratly Island with nearby locations

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    103.1076 Cuarteron Reef, Spratly Island Group
    129.3287 South China Sea (JS), South China Sea
    146.3046 Kagitingan Reef, Spratly Island Group
    160.3243 Alexandra Bank, Spratly Island Group
    183.6239 Grainger Bank 1, Spratly Island Group
    186.4239 Grainger Bank 2, Spratly Island Group

    1977 to present

    8° 38' 41'' N - 111° 55' 12'' E
    Elevation: 10 feet

    History of this Location

    Construction began in 1976 and the initial phase completed in 1977. After improvements to the existing layout in 2004, Vietnam enlarged the site in 2016.

    The airport at Spratly / Storm Island is on an island with disputed claims in the Spratly Island Group.

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    List of aircraft and events at Spratly Island

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    2020-jul FONOPSRAN Hobart class DDGH 39 HMAS Hobart
    2020-jul FONOPSRAN Anzac class FFH 151 HMAS Arunta
    2020-jul FONOPSRAN Anzac class FFH 153 HMAS Stuart
    2020-jul FONOPSRAN Canberra class LHD 02 HMAS Canberra
    2020-jul FONOPSRAN Sirius (AOR) class O 266 HMAS Sirius

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