Klinikum Lunen

Dortmund , North Rhine-Westphalia

germany Germany

Satellite and aerial maps of St Marienhospital Lunen with nearby locations

Nearby locationsKmBearing
Klinikum Dortmund Nord , North Rhine-Westphalia 10.4203DKZN
SHK Kamen , North Rhine-Westphalia 10.4104
Dortmund-Wickede , North Rhine-Westphalia 13.0149EDLW
UKB Bochum , North Rhine-Westphalia 21.4217
Hamm-Lippewiesen , North Rhine-Westphalia 22.2069EDLH
Marl-Loemuehle , North Rhine-Westphalia 24.8277EDLM

  St Marienhospital Lunen

51° 37' 7.70'' N     7° 30' 55.73'' E
Lunen, Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia
Elevation: 167 feet

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  List of units at St Marienhospital Lunen

Years Unit
2005-    Christoph 8 (ADAC)EC135,

List of aircraft and events at St Marienhospital Lunen

2005-apr-08 Christoph 8Christoph 8 (ADAC) EC135T1 D-HEUR

2006-may-08 Christoph 8Christoph 8 (ADAC) EC135T1 D-HRHM

2007-oct-12 Christoph 8Christoph 8 (ADAC) EC135T1 D-HRHM

2009-nov-22 Christoph 8Christoph 8 (ADAC) EC135P1 D-HAIT

2011-jun-12 Christoph 8Christoph 8 (ADAC) EC135P1 D-HKUG

2012-feb-23 Christoph 8Christoph 8 (ADAC) EC135P2 D-HOFF

2014-feb-19 Christoph 28Christoph 28 (ADAC) EC135P2 D-HOEM

2017-aug-03 Christoph 8Christoph 8 (ADAC) EC135P2 D-HOFF

2020-apr-21 Christoph 8Christoph 8 (ADAC) EC135P2 D-HDEC
2020-sep-12 Christoph 8Christoph 8 (ADAC) EC135P2 D-HOEM

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