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    Rotorway history

    Founded in 1961 as Rotorway Aircraft by B.J. Schramm as a kit helicopter manufacturing company. In 1990, the company was acquired by John Netherwood and became Rotorway International. The Exec series had a fully enclosed structure and cockpit with an elastomeric rotor head. The Exec 90 introduced a new landing gear, additional tail boom structural modifications and increased diameter shaft. A new pair of windows were added just above the pilot and passenger heads and the fiberglass access panels were split. Since 1994, a new and improved model was made, the Exec 162F. This model has 150 horsepower with a 162 cubic inch powerplant. Also part of the design is an asymmetrical main rotor blade, a fully automated digital engine control system (FADEC) that provides complete redundancy.

    Buford John Schramm died April 28, 2004. He was posthumously inducted into the EAA Homebuilder's Hall of Fame in 2006.

    Scorpion 1960s Scorpion helicopter

    EXEC 162 1990s EXEC 162

    List of Rotorway models

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    Model / Versions
    1961 Javelin
    1967 Scorpion 1
    1976 Scorpion II
    1990 exec
    exec 162HDF
    exec 90
    1994 exec 162F
    2007 A600 Talon

    Rotorway news

    25-Jan-21 - Rotor X Acquired RotorWay Helicopter Co #RotorWay