List of Operators of Kawasaki Heavy Industries BK117C-1

From Organisation with model BK117C-1
japan Fire and Disaster Management Agency
    bk117 1985/   
japan Keisatsu-chō
    bk117 1985/   
japan Doctor-Heli
    bk117 2000/   
Construction Numbers on database of BK117C-1


Construction Numbers

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1106 JP JA6679 : Ehime Prefecture Emergency Management Air Corps Aug96-2+
NZ ZK-IYY : Heli A1 Ltd, New Zealand by Oct16
NZ ZK-IYY : Southern Lakes Helicopters Ltd at Te Anau from Nov18
1110 JP JA119R : Shizuoka Prefecture Emergency Management from Feb97
1116 JP JA109R :
1121 JP JA6810 : Tochigi Prefecture Police from Mar99
1122 JP JA6811 : Ishikawa police from Mar99
1124 JP JA21YA : Yamaguchi Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air Corps fro+
1125 JP JA6812 : Akita prefectural police from Feb00
1127 JP JA6814 : Saitama Prefectural Police from Mar00
1130 JP JA005W : Doctor Heli
1131 JP JA6816 : Aichi Prefectural Police from Jan02
1132 JP JA6818 : Kyoto police from Dec02
11 C/N.