Airbus Helicopters as350

AS350B2 Ecureuil


Airframes built before January 1st, 2014 listed as Eurocopter as350b2

List of Operators of Airbus Helicopters AS350B2 Ecureuil

From Organisation with model AS350B2 Ecureuil
brazil Helibras
    as350 2014/   
canada Airbus Helicopters Canada
    as350 2014/   
usa Airbus Helicopters Inc
    as350 2014/   
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7810 2014 US N297PD : Airbus Helicopters from Mar13, for PPD
US N297PD : Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) d/d 29aug14
7847 BR PR-WNP : Helibras HB350B2
7863 2014 US N188FS : Airbus Helicopters Inc from May14
US N188FS : Hillsborough County Sheriff Office from Jan15, pictured
7877 BR PP-SAU : Helibras HB350B2
BR PP-SAU : Policia Militar de Sao Paulo (PMSP) Feb18
7886 2014 US N105AH : Airbus Helicopters Jun14
US N921EM : Wells Fargo Bank NA Trustee from Jun15; Med Trans Corp
US N921EM : Midwest AeroCare by 2017, op by Med-Trans, pictured
US N921EM : UMB Bank Na Trustee at Salt Lake City, UT from Dec18
7899 2014 US N169AH : Airbus Jun14
US N125HD : US Helicopters Inc at Mashville, NC from Jan15
7931 2014 US N133AH : Airbus Helicopters Aug/Nov 2014
CA C-GBWC : Airbus Helicopters Canada Nov14-Jan15
CA C-GBWC : Southwind Helicopters from Jan15
8008 2015 NG 5N-SOS : Nigerian police rapid response squad by 2016, test seri+
8024 2014 US N196AH : Airbus Helicopters from Feb15
US N196AH : Pinellas County Sheriffs Office (PCSO); 23Jun16 picture+
US N1SD : Pinellas County Sheriffs Office (PCSO) by Aug16
8132 2015 US N251AH : Airbus Jun15
US N981DW : Raven Aviation at Fresno, CA from Jan16
10 C/N.