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    The Cierva C.19 was also known as the Avro model 620, and produced by Avro at its Hamble plant.

    Derivatives & Versions

    C.19 IV P 1931

    List of Operators of Cierva C.19

    From Organisation with model C.19

    Construction Numbers on database of C.19 or its versions

    12C.19 IV P

    Construction Numbers

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    C/NBuilt asYearHistory
    5148 C.19 IV P G-ABUC,VR-SAR
    5149 C.19 IV P G-ABUD
    5150 C.19 IV P G-ABUE,D-2300,D-EXOT
    5151 C.19 IV P G-ABUF
    5152 C.19 IV P G-ABUG,SE-ADU
    5153 C.19 IV P G-ABUH,VH-USO
    5154 C.19 IV P G-ABXD
    5155 C.19 IV P G-ABXE
    5156 C.19 IV P G-ABXF,J-BAYA
    5157 C.19 IV P G-ABXG
    5158 C.19 IV P ES G-ABXH,EC-W13,EC-ATT,30-62,EC-CAB,EC-AIM
    5159 C.19 IV P ES G-ABXI,49-01
    12 C/N.