Eurocopter Super Puma/Cougar

AS532UE Cougar


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90 Airbus Helicopters in Rio 2016 Olympic Games, 11-Aug-16 : 83 military helicopters and 7 civil Ecureuils supported by Airbus Helicopters’ local customer center Helibras has been deployed at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

List of Operators of Eurocopter AS532UE Cougar

From Organisation with model AS532UE Cougar
brazil Helibras
    Super Puma/Cougar 2002/   
brazil Comando de Aviação do Exército
    8 2002/   

Construction Numbers on database of AS532UE Cougar


Construction Numbers

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2529 2002 BR : Helibras c/n AVX001 Army HM-3 type
BR EB-4001 : Exercito HM-3 type d/d may02; pictured
2532 BR : Helibras c/n AVX002 Army HM-3 type
BR EB-4002 : Exercito HM-3 type
2008 2 BatAvEx
2579 BR : Helibras c/n AVX003 Army HM-3 type
BR EB-4003 : Exercito HM-3 type
2586 BR : Helibras c/n AVX004 Army HM-3 type
BR EB-4004 : Exercito HM-3 type; pictured
2588 BR : Helibras c/n AVX005 Army HM-3 type
BR EB-4005 : Exercito HM-3 type
2011 Red Cross Colombia
2595 BR : Helibras c/n AVX006 Army HM-3 type
BR EB-4006 : Exercito HM-3 type d/d 2003
2008 2 BatAvEx
2596 BR : Helibras c/n AVX007 Army HM-3 type
BR EB-4007 : Exercito HM-3 type
2607 BR : Helibras c/n AVX008 Army HM-3 type
BR EB-4008 : Exercito HM-3 type
8 C/N.