List of Operators of Kawasaki Heavy Industries BK117B-2

From Organisation with model BK117B-2
japan Fire and Disaster Management Agency
    bk117 1985/   
japan Keisatsu-chō
    bk117 1985/   
new zealand Helicopters Otago
    bk117 1998/   

australia Australia Air Ambulances
new zealand New Zealand Rescue Helicopters
Construction Numbers on database of BK117B-2


Construction Numbers

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1021 JP JA9908 : bk117a-4 Japan, to ZK-HLU
NZ ZK-HLU : New Zealand, type:B-2 Mar95 - Feb02 to P2-HBL
PG P2-HBL : Heli Niugini type:B-2
1029 1989 JP JA9958 : bk117a-4 Japan, to ZH-HIU
NZ ZK-HIU : Vulcan Helicopters Oct93 - Jul02 to VH-BKG
AU VH-BKG : AR&C (Aeronautical Resources and Consultancy) type B-2
1030 1988 JP JA9941 : bk117b-1 Kawasaki Oct/Dec 2006
NZ ZK-HGQ : Rick Lucas Helicopters Ltd 2007-May08
NZ ZK-HYT : Rick Lucas Helicopters Ltd May08-2010; conv to 117B2
AU VH-UAN : United Aero Helicopters from jun10
pictured at Wagga Wagga Airport
1041 1989 JP JA9995 : bk117b-1 Japan, to ZK-HRI
NZ ZK-HRI : Airwork May96 - Jan99 to VH-JRB
AU VH-JRB : Jayrow Helicopters Jun99 - Aug11 to ZK-HOU
NZ ZH-HOU : HeliLInk type B-2 Aug11 - Oct12 to P2-HNA
PG P2-HNA : Heli Niugini type B-2 from Oct12
1075 JP JA6649 : bk117b-1 Japan, to HL9212
2002 Japan, type:B-2 to ZK-HLI
KR HL9212 : South Korea, to ZK-HFH
NZ ZK-HFH : New Zealand, type:B-2 to JA6649
NZ ZK-HLI : New Zealand, type:B-2 to P2-HBQ
PG P2-HBQ : Heli Niugini type:B-2
1080 JQ1080 : Japan, to HL9247
KR HL9247 : South Korea, to HL9466
KR HL9466 : to ZK-IPT
NZ ZK-IPT : New Zealand from Jan11
PSRT / Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter Service at Ma+
Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter. Hangared at Palmer+
1086 JP JA6780 : Kanagawa police from Mar96
1094 1994 JP JA6724 : Gifu Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air Corps Jan94-Mar+
AU VH-JWB : Sydney Helicopters Pty Ltd from May15
w/o 17aug18 firefighting at NSW south coast. Pilot kill+
1098 JP JA6730 : Kawasaki City Fire Department Mar94-Jul15
NZ ZK-IWG : Airwork NZ 2015 for Otago; Nov16 first with Genesys e+
NZ ZK-IWG : Helicopters Otago Ltd from Sep15, 117B2 type
rescued crew of ZK-IMX
landed survivors from Southern Lakes Helicopters cras+
1101 1995 JP JA6743 : Ibaraki Prefecture Air Rescue Mar95-Mar11
AU VH-BKS : Australia, to ZK-IRU
NZ ZK-IRU : PSRT / Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter at Waikato, Ki+
1105 1995 JP JA6763 : Shiga Prefecture Disaster Dec95-Dec11
AU VH-RSQ : Rotor-Lift Pty Ltd from Dec13
1109 1996 JP JA01CJ : Japan, to VH-BKV
AU VH-BKV : Australia from Aug08
Sunshine Coast Helicopter Rescue Service Ltd from Jul09
RACQ CareFlight QLD, pictured
AU VH-BKV : Rotor Safety Hobart, Tasmania from Apr17
NZ ZK-HHJ : Airwork (NZ) Ltd from Oct18
1117 JP JA6808 : Wakayama police from Mar98
1118 JP JA6807 : Kumamoto Prefecture Police d/d Mar98; 05 pictured at Ku+
14 C/N.