Bell 47

Bell 47J

List of Operators of Bell 47J

From Organisation with model 47J
argentina Prefectura Naval Argentina
    47 2 1962/??
switzerland Air Glaciers SA
    47 1965/   

Construction Numbers on database of 47J


Construction Numbers

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1425 IT I-AGUS :
FR F-BNPQ Heli-Verdon : ex F-OBPQ; 19jun11 pictured at static meeting Aerien ae+
This aicraft played a role of Gendarmerie in the famous+
1426 1957 CH HB-XAU : Air Glaciers from 1sep1965 to may1968 toward new owner +
CH HB-XAU : HeliSwiss from 3may1968 to w/o jun1971
1567 CA CF-MYY : Ontario Hydro, noted 1971, ex N2892B
pictured at Lester B. Pearson International Airport, T+
US N711JW : Joyce Western Corp at Andover, NY May73-Apr74
1734 US N2896B : Bell 47J Ranger, c/n 1734, ff:?; del New York Airways a+
1752 US N6737D : Era Helicopters Nov59-May69
CF-YUM : Canada unk Jun69-May75
US N62883 : Webbs Auto Parts at San Bernardino, CA Jun75-Feb77
1806 AR PM-21 : Prefectura Nacional Maritima; ex N8402E; ex LV-GYE; w/o+
3124 BR PT-HAS : Bell 47J-2A Ranger; Helisul
3320 AR PM-22 : Prefectura Nacional Maritima; 47J-2A type; then PA-22; +
AR LV-AIF : Misiones Helicopteros; 1989 flightseeing Iguazu Falls;+
3715 US N8568F : Brown County Tours
15 Jul 2018 crashed while operating close to Franklin F+
9 C/N.