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11114 2001 IT I-FREJ : Freeair May01-2009
DE D-HTZA : Jul09-Jul10
US N41NM : Avn Air at Danbury, CT Sep10-Aug13
US N41NM : Helifleet 2013-01 Llc at Danbury, CT from Aug13; North +
11115 2001 UK G-SIVC : Sloane May 2001
UK G-SIVC : Mandarin Aviation Jun01-Jun04
UK G-ECMM : The Meade Corp Jun04-Aug05
IE EI-MLN : Earthquake (Irl) Ltd Aug05-Feb08
US N174ST : Jet Finance Group at Nashville, TN from Mar08
DE D-HNHG : Heli Transair European Air Services GmbH Oct12-Sep13; N+
US N115GH : Air Methods from Dec13
US N115GH : Mercy Air /11 at Mesquite, Nevada, repl a Bell 222
11116 2001 MX XA-TSR : last A109 under name Agusta
11117 2001 NO LN-OLA : Lufttransport AS; 2012 canc
ZA ZS-HFC : Fly Me Pty Ltd, South Africa
Nov17-Mar18, sold Agusta A109E 2001; Offshore/ Utility+
11118 UK G-JERL : to EI-LAL
IE EI-LAL : Ireland; to HB-ZJN
CH HB-ZJN Eliticino : w/o 11nov11 near Marcucci, Cingoli, Italy. 3 fatalities
11119 IT I-REMV : Elidolomiti 2001; Treviso Emergenza; to CC-AEO
CL CC-AEO : INAER for Clinica Las Condes, Santiago; Rescate CLC (HE+
11120 BR PP-MTX : Brazil private; May13 on sale, 1357 hs
Air Jet Taxi Aereo by Jul17
w/o 03nov18 at Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo. 5 fatalitie+
11121 2001 IT I-MAFP : Helitalia from 2001, lsd from Bristow
IT I-MAFP : Inaer Italia from 2010
ES EC-LOD : INAER from Aug11
11122 2001 CN B-7771 : Deer Jet at Zhuhai/Sanzao, China. noted 2002,2003
AU VH-CFT : Australia from Apr04
AU VH-IAG : Ambulance NSW CareFlight HIRT 1 op by CareFlight NSW by+
AU VH-ZCF : CareFlight NSW from Jun06; pictured (pic1)
AU VH-ZCF : Jayrow Helicopters Pty Ltd from 2017
31oct18 pictured (pic2) at Wagga Wagga Airport
11123 2001 UK G-VMCO : Sloane July 2001
UK G-VMCO : Unique Aviation Aug01-Jul03
UK G-TYCN : AJ Walter Aviation at Horsham Jul03-Apr11
IM M-ONEY : AJ Walters Aviation at Isle of Man Apr/Oct 11
IM M-EMLI : AJ Walters Aviation at Isle of Man Oct11-Jan17
UK G-WIZG : Tycoon Aviation Ltd at The Valley, Anguilla -Feb18
Tycoon Aviation Ltd at Nassau, Bahamas from
pictured landing at RAF Brize Norton
08:50 hs at Lands End Airport
11124 2001 IT I-ESUE : Elilario Italia,operating for Padova Soccorso HEMS 118 +
IT I-ESUE : operating on behalf of 118 Regione Sicilia
ES EC-LGI : Inaer Spain
11125 IT I-HSAR : Eli Friulia Oct01-Nov10, EMS
UK G-HSAR : Castle Air Dec10-Jan14; 14oct11 pictured at Trebrown, U+
US N596AM : Air Methods Feb/May 2014
US N129AR : Air Methods from Jun14
11129 2001 CH HB-ZDT : Eliticino Nov01-Mar08
CH HB-ZDT : Skymedia AG Mar08-May10
AU VH-DFQ : Australia Jun10, to MoD
AU N42-129 : RAAF Aircraft Research and Development Unit (ARDU) 201+
AU VH-RUA : Raytheon Australia from Mar12
AU VH-RUA : Nov13-Jun14, sold Agusta A109E Power 2001 , Single Pilo+
pictured (pic2) on display at the 2015 International A+
Flyon Assets Pty Ltd at ST Bulimba, QLD from Jun17, op +
11130 US N1YU : Agusta Corp Nov01-Nov03
US N1YU : Gulf State Toyota Inc at Houston, TX Nov03-Aug04
Summit One Network Inc at Houston, TX from Aug04; Summi+
BR PP-MPE : Brazil from Feb10
on display at LABACE 2014
Ragafe Participacoes SA from Dec15
11131 2001 CN B-7770 : China 2002-2003
DE D-HARY : Heli Transair at Egelsbach -Feb05
IE EI-TWO : Ireland 2005-2008
UK G-CFVB : Castle Air Feb/May 2009
UK G-CFVB : QinetiQ May09-Mar11
UK QQ100 : Empire Test Pilots School (ETPS) 2011
ETPS pictured at RIAT 2015
Visited Bournemouth from A&AEE Boscombe Down on 29 Oct +
11132 2001 CH HB-ZDM : Heli Bernina d/d Dec01
11133 2001 IT I-REMR : Elidolomiti Dec01-2008; EMS Regione Toscana, Grosseto a+
FR F-GPPG : Proteus Helicopters from Jun08; Ambulance
FR F-GPPG : SAMU op by Proteus Helicopteres
ES EC-MIZ : INAER España from Nov15; Babock España from Apr16
ES EC-MIZ : Helicóptero Sanitario A9, Comunidad Valenciana, op by +
11134 2002 BR PP-MLR : Lojas Riachuelo SA, Brazil from Apr02
Nov15-Jan17, sold Agusta A109E 2002 undergoing 2,400 Ho+
11137 ES EC-IJR : Helisureste from Nov02; HEMS IbSalud 061
ES EC-IJR : INAER from 2003
Gobierno de Aragon Proteccion Civil, op by INAER; pic+
11138 RP RP-C2726 : Malate Tourist, Philippines from Jun02
w/o 05jul15 crashed in mountainous area at Barangay Pi+
11140 2002 US N6KN : Agusta Aerospace Corp Feb02
US N77EJ : E & J Gallo Winery at Modesto, CA from Apr02; Dic19 sti+
11141 2002 US N142CF : Careflite /2 from Jun02, testt serial N160CF; w/o 08nov+
11142 2002 US N143CF : CareFlight; Careflite /3 from Sep02, test serial N161CF+
US N143CF : Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee at Salt Lake City+
US N143CF : AgustaWestland, PA Oct18-Aug19
US N143CF : Life Flight Network Llc (LFN) at Aurora, OR from Aug19
11144 2002 US N144CF : Careflite from Oct02, test serial N162CF
Ambulance; w/o 30sep12 9:30am on bad weather at Eastlan+
11145 2002 US N803L : General Electric Capital Corp Oct02, test serial N262CF
Vesey Air at Danbury, CT Apr03
CA C-FWWW : Four Seasons Aviation Ltd at Toronto, ON Jun06-Jun09
US N109HS : Briles Wing & Helicopter Inc at Van Nyus, CA Jun/Nov 20+
Executive Helishares Jun09; pictured (pic1)
US N109HS : Mar14-Jan15, sold Agusta A109E 2002 VIP Configuration,+
Aug18-Feb19, sold Agusta A109E 2002; us$ 1,695,000. 2,+
Khosla Ventures Llc at San Jose, CA from Jun19
11146 2001 DE D-HOBV : MHS helicopter flugservice
11147 2002 US N6PV : Agusta Aerospace Corp 2002; N23ZZ ntu
US N63SV : Agusta Aerospace Corp Nov02-Jun03
US N95RZ : Saint Vincent Mercy Medical Center at Toledo, OH from J+
11148 2002 AT OE-XSC : Schenk Air d/d Jan03; 2003 lsd to Proteus; 2011 to Elil+
IT OE-XSC : Elilombarda Sep11-Oct12
ZA ZS-HMN : Fly Me Pty Ltd from Nov12
Mar17-Oct17, sold Agusta A109E 2002; For Sale or Lease+
11149 2002 US N145CF : North Central Texas Services at Grand Prairie, TX; Care+
US N145CF : Wells Fargo Bank from Jan11
Oct15 on sale
Sep16 on sale
US N145CF : AgustaWestland, PA Dec17-Aug19
US N145CF : Life Flight Network Llc (LFN) from Aug19
11150 2002 US N815CC : Agusta Corp Feb02
US N5UV : University of Virginia Health System from Jan03; Pegasu+
11151 CH HB-ZIM : Skymedia AG; ex I-BLEU; March 2012 canc
11152 IT I-SFAC : 2002 Scuderia Ferrari, replaced by I-FACM; 2007 Fiat Gr+
MX XA-ELF : El Financiero S.A. de C.V., Mexico
11154 2002 UK G-MOMO : Air Harrods Ltd Apr02-Mar08
UK G-IVJM : Air Harrods Ltd Mar08-May15
UK G-IVJM : Halo Aviation Ltd May15-Feb18
UK G-LEXS : Blade 5 Ltd from Feb18
11155 2002 BR PR-COS : A109E Power Elite; Cocosan SA at Sao Paulo Aug02; Dedal+
US N749SD : CBS Aircraft Leasing Llc at Chelsea, AL Feb15-Jun17
Altas Exchange 92 Llc at Fort Walton Beach, FL Jun/Dec +
Jul/Aug 2017, sold Agusta A109E Power Elite 2002; 2514 +
Smith Aircraft Leasing Llc at Chelsea, AL from Dec17
11156 2002 UK G-JMXA : J-Max Air Services May02-Jan11, blue livery
UK G-TRNG : Castle Air from Jan11; pictured at Yeovil
11157 2002 US N1QJ : A109E Power Elite; AgustaWestland, PA 2002
US N132H : FRC Holding Inc V at Hampton, NH; Granite State Aviatio+
Apr/Dec 2014, sold Agusta A109E 2002 Painted Mar14, 12-+
US N109BM : WNFW Llc at Far Hills, NJ from Jan15
11158 2002 DE D-HOME : Global Aviation at Frankfurt Sep02-2004
US N32GH : General Helicopters Intl Llc at Wilmington, DE, Dec04-J+
IE EI-DJO : Tendrelle Ltd, Ireland 2005-2009
UK G-GCMM : Castle Air Ltd Aug/Oct 2010
Castle Air from Sep15-Mar17
UK G-GCMM : private Oct09-Sep15
Mar/Apr 2017, sold A109E 2002 ; located in Newmarket,+
11159 UK G-CEJS : 2007; ex RP-C2838; to G-EVIP
11161 IT MM81516 : CC-86
11168 2003 AU VH-FOX : Linfox Oct03, to VH-BQR
UK G-TMWC : Castle Air Charters Mar/May 2006
UK G-TMWC : May06-Jun07
UK G-PLPL : BG Aviation Jun07-Jan09
Iceland Foods from Jan09; pictured at Fairoaks
Apr13-Apr14, sold Agusta A109 2003 - Gemelli Intercom, +
11171 2003 US N5PV : Agusta Aerospace Corp Dec03
MX XA-TBD : Mexico Feb04-Dec15
US N564SH : AgustaWestland, PA Jan/Nov 2016
? : Mexico unk from Nov16
11173 2003 UK G-ESLH : Mar 2004, reg as G-ESLH to Euroskylink, Coventry
Aug 2005, re-reg to Caledonian Heritable Ltd, Edinburgh+
UK ZE416 : QinetiQ d/d 2007; 17jul10 pictured (pic1) at RIAT 2010 +
UK ZE416 : ETPS; pictured (pic2) at RIAT 2013 RAF Fairford
11jul14 pictured (pic3) at Royal International Air Tatt+
at Farnborough
asg ETPS, pictured (pic4) on display at Fairford 2017
28 Mar 2019, noted in ETPS livery as ZE416 with Castle +
11175 2003 IT I-NRDS Air Dimension : w/o 28nov06 near Montemelino (Magione) Italy
11176 IE EI-DUN : A109e Power Elite; Barkisland, Ireland d/d Aug04; 2007 +
BR PR-GAC : ex N93EE; 2010 to N396FA
BR PP-AGU : 22 pictured at Aeroporto Internacional de Sao Paulo (Gu+
US N113KM : Trevor Corp at Grayslake, IL Jul/Dec 2014
CL CC-AKD : private Chile 2015
11201 2003 IT I-SCTA : Avionord SRL from 2003; at Padova
11202 2003 IT I-DVFA : VF-80
first Power delivered to Vigili del Fuoco
pictured at Venice Marco Polo Airport, Nucleo Elicotte+
11203 2003 IT I-DPCM : Protezione Civile 2003-2011
IT I-DPCM : VF-84 from 2011
11204 NO LN-OLI : Lufttransport
11205 2003 ES EC-IRQ : Helisureste from Oct03
ES EC-IRQ : Gobierno de Aragon SOS 112, op by INAER
Feb/Aug 2015, sold Agusta A109E 2003 Helicopter Emerge+
JP JA16KG : Eurotech Japan Jul15-Aug18
Kagoshima International Airlines from Aug18
11206 BR PP-KLU : Global Taxi Aereo Ltda, May11
11208 2003 DE D-HPWR : Heli Transair from Apr03; May04 with Columbia Helicopte+
IE EI-HHH : Ireland from Apr06
UK G-VIRU : private Apr/Nov 2009
Mry Ltd Nov09-Sep13
UK G-IVIP : Castle Air Ltd from Sep13; pictured (pic1) at Yeovil
pictured (pic2) at London Heliport; Bristow Academy ti+
pictured (pic3) at Castle Air, Liskeard
11209 2003 US N606SP : New Mexico Department Of Public Safety from Dec03; New +
11210 2003 US N261CF : Agusta USA from Sep03 for USCG
US N18EA : ERA Helicopters from Jan05
11211 2003 MY 9M-BOA : Bomba d/d 2004; w/o 16sep10 10am during thick mist in a+
11212 2003 MY 9M-BOB :
11213 2003 IT I-DVFB : VF-81
pictured at Jesolo European Air Show
11214 2003 IT I-DPCL : Protezione Civile; not delivered?
11216 2003 UK G-DPPF : Dyfed-Powys Police Jun03-Feb16
West Yorkshire Police Feb/Mar 2016
UK G-DPPF : Castle Air Ltd Mar16-May17
UK G-HPDM : Adonby International Ltd at Tortola, Virgin Istlands fr+
11217 2003 AU VH-VIS : Visy Industries Australia PL Jul03-Nov13; white livery
UK G-DVIP : Castle Air at Liskeard from
pictured at Castle Air, Liskeard
11220 2003 US N146CF : North Central Texas Services at Grand Prairie, TX; Care+
US N146CF : Wells Fargo Bank Feb11-Dec17
US N146CF : AgustaWestland, PA Dec17-Aug19
US N146CF : Life Flight Network Llc (LFN) from Aug19
11221 2003 JP JA02NP : Niigata Prefectural Police from Dec03; pictured at Nii+
11224 SI S5-HPG : Slovenian police
11225 2003 US N18HH : Agusta Oct03
US N63SV : Saint Vincent Mercy Medical Center at Toledo, OH from J+
11226 2003 IT I-DVFC : VF-82; 19oct09 pictured landing at Milano Malpensa (MXP+
11227 JP JA22HP : Hiroshima Prefectural Police from Jan04
11228 JP JA110B : Fukushima Prefectural Police from Feb04
11501 2002 IT I-POWR : a109luh AgustaWestland, test serial I-RAIB; conv to A109LUH pro+
AU VH-NPY : Raytheon Australia from Apr07
AU N42-501 : RAN 723 sqd /510 2007-2012
AU VH-NPY : AgustaWestland Australia from Jan14
11503 2001 US N5PV : Agusta Corp Jun/Oct 2001
US N109DU : Duke University Health System (DUHS) at Durham, North +
US N109DU : Trevor Corp Aug07-Sep08
Air Med Inc at Wilmington, DE from Sep08
US N911AM : Air Med Inc from May09
US N911AQ : Tri State Care Flight at Bullhead City, AZ from Nov10
US N309CF : Tri State Care Flight at Bullhead City, AZ from Oct11
11504 2001 US N6PV : Agusta Corp Jun01
US N109DK : Duke University Health System (DUHS) at Durham, North C+
US N109DK : Trevor Corp Aug07- May09
US N209CF : TriState Care Flight Jun09-May17; Sunrise Children Hosp+
US N658AM : Tristate Careflight from May17
11505 2002 FR F-GLEI : SAMU, test serial I-LAON
AU VH-NPX : Raytheon Australia Nov07-Jan14, for RAN
AU N42-505 : RAN 2008-2012
The last of three AW109e Power leased by the RAN from +
AU VH-NPX : AgustaWestland Australia Jan14
NZ ZK-IAW : New Zealand from Sep17
Heliflite Charter & Training Ltd at Papakura from May18
11506 US N263CF : Agusta
US N79RZ : to N503CF
US N503CF : Tristate Careflight Llc at Bullhead City, AZ Dec04-Jul1+
US N659AM : Tristate Careflight Llc at Englewood. CO from Jul17
11507 2002 NG 04 : Nigerian Navy
11508 2002 NG 05 : Nigerian Navy
11509 2002 US N6KN : Agusta Aerospace Corp Dec02
US N91LF : Portneuf Medical Center at Pocatello, ID Dec03-Mar18
US N91LF : private at Beaumont, TX from Mar18
11510 2002 IT I-PAWR : a109luh AgustaWestland; conv to A109LUH prototype 92(SE); resto+
AU VH-NPZ : Raytheon Australia from Apr07
AU N42-510 : RAN jun07-2012
AU VH-NPZ : AgustaWestland Australia from Jan14
MX XA-SJC : Helivan & Hawk; w/o initial climb 1km Poza Rica airpo+
11511 2004 NG 06 : Nigerian Navy, w/o 26jan10, 4 fatalities
11512 2004 NG 07 : Nigerian Navy, w/o 15dec12 near Okoroba, Bayelsa. 6 fat+
11601 2004 US N3ZJ : Agusta USA Mar04-Mar06, to N903RW
US N903RW : ERA from Mar06
11602 2005 IT I-FREH : Freeair/Elitaliana Pegaso50; pictured at Latina airpor+
11603 FR F-GLEE : SAMU
11604 2004 US N9UU : Agusta Corp Apr04
US N911UF : UF Health Shands Hospital, ShandsCair Flight Program A+
US N911UE : Life Flight Network 2014; pictured on background with N+
US N92LF : Life Flight Network Llc at Aurora, OR from Apr14
11606 2004 FR F-GPBH : INAER France from Aug04-Apr16 Babcock MCS Fleet Managm+
ES EC-MLH : INAER 2016; Babcock MCS España 2018
11610 2004 AU VH-MXE : Australia from Jun04
AU VH-TPQ : Thomas Paul Constructions Pty Ltd at Tuggerah, NSW from+
11611 2004 US N36HH : AgustaWestland, PA from Jul04
US N901CM : ERA Helicopters for LifeFlight of Maine, Central Maine +
US N901CM : Lifeflight of Maine from Jul05; 05oct13 pictured at Cen+
US N901CM : SevenBar; date unk picture with N109EM
11613 AE A6-JMR : Heli Dubai Dec04-Jan06
AE A6-JMR : Dubai Air Wing from Jan07
11614 2004 US N6KN : Agusta Aerospace Corp Aug04
US N901EM : ERA Helicopters 2004 op for LifeFlight of Maine
US N901EM : SevenBar; date unk picture with N109CM
US N901EM : Lifeflight of Maine from Jul05; Eastern Maine Medical C+
16nov19 precautionary landing at Penobscot, Maine afte+
11616 2004 US N617J : Agusta Aerospace Corp Sep04
US N197J : Florida Light & Power Co at West Palm Beach, FL Jan05-M+
Nextera Energy Inc at Juno Beach, FL from Mar11
11617 2004 US N109MJ : Whirligig Nominees Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE Nov04+
Newshore Holding Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE Apr06-+
IN VT-SWB : Swajas Air Charters India Dec09-Mar15
UK G-DIDO : Castle Air from
May 2018 Sold to Private owner, Crewkerne
pictured at Higher Purtington
23may19 09:25 hs landed and taken off straight away at +
11618 2004 US N298R : Florida Power & Light Co at West Palm Beach, FL
US N298R : Nextera Energy Inc at Juno Beach, FL Mar11-Feb19
US N298R : AgustaWestland, PA from Feb19
11619 IT I-NIGI : Elilario Nov04-2009; EMS Regione Sicilia
IT I-NIGI : Inaer Italia 2009-2011
FR F-HCHM : INAER France Sep11-Feb14
IT EC-MAE : INAER from Feb14
11624 2005 IE EI-JON : Castlelands Construction at Cork Ireland Mar05-Aug07
UK G-JONW : Magell Ltd Sep07-Aug08
Milford Aviation Aug08-Nov10
US N500AT : Wells Fargo Apr/Jun 2011
BR PT-TOY : pictured at Campo de Marte Airport, São Paulo
Feb17 sold Agusta A109E 2005; best valued VVIP configu+
11625 2005 IT I-HDPR : Helitalia
DE I-HDPR : HTM 2005
IT I-HDPR : INAER 2009-2010; Air ambulance for Ministerio da Saude,+
Babcock MCS Portugal, air ambulance for INEM; picture+
11626 AE A6-DBY : Heli Dubai Dec04-Dec06
AE A6-DBY : Dubai Air Wing from Jan07
SE SE-JTC : Aviation Network ANM AB, Borås, Sweden from Oct18
11627 US N6PV : Agusta Aerospace Corp Dec04
US N91SV : Saint Vincent Mercy Medical Center at Toledo, OH from J+
at Bluffton, OH
11628 US N6UG : Agusta Corp, Dec04
US N950AL : Airlift Northwest from Jul07; w/o 28oct05 Providence, W+
11629 2004 US N109FB : Phoenix Police (PHXPD) Fire Depts (PFD) from Jul05, tes+
29dec14 pictured (pic2) during rescue at Piestewa Peak
11630 2005 PL SP-HXA : w/o 20nov09 Bemowo, Warszawa, Poland
tail section of helicopter destroyed. helicopter landed+
helicopter landed when severe vibration developed. the +
11631 2005 SA N901AH : ARAMCO Associated Co at Houston, TX; ARAMCO Capital Co,+
11632 2005 US N23HH : Agusta Feb05
US N951AL : University Of Washington Dba Airlift Northwest at Seatt+
18jul19 as /Airlift 2, out of Bremerton pictured (pic2)+
11633 2005 NG 08 : Nigerian Navy

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