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22002 IT I-AGGR : Agusta 2003, pre-serie; AgustaWestland from Dec05
17apr14 at Monaco during Top Marques
trekker Conv to AW109 Trekker f/f 02mar16 at Cascina Costa
22003 2005 IT I-RAID : Agusta, 1st series AW109S; Jun05 at Le Bourget show
UK G-CGRI : private UK Aug05-Jun10
12apr07 pictured at Castle Air, Trebrown, Liskeard
RP RP-C723 : Helitrend Corp, Philippines from Jul10
US N28NM : North Memorial Healthcare at Brooklyn Center, MN from J+
22004 2005 UK G-DACN : Errigal Oct05-Sep07, to Ireland
IE EI-KEO : Clear Skies 2007; to Isle of Man
IM M-YHOP : Lemsage 2009
UK M-AZKL : Castle Air, Feb13 to Nigeria
NG 5N-BSQ : to Nigeria as 5N-BSQ
22005 2006 IT I-RAIP : AgustaWestland, to EC-JPP
ES EC-JPP : Helisureste 2006-2007; 16-20may06 Berlin air show
ES EC-JPP : INAER from 2007
IT I-NAER : INAER Italy, noted 2012
Elisoccorso Regione Veneto 118 Padova at Padova Gino Al+
22jun13 pictured at Gino Allegri Airport, Padua city, o+
22007 2006 IT I-EITC : Elilario Italia May06-2009; EMS Pescara
IT I-EITC : INAER Italia from 2009; Babcock MCS Italia from 2018
PT I-EITC : Babcock MCS Portugal from May18
Instituto Nacional de Emergência Médica (INEM) op by +
22008 2006 BR PR-IPO : w/o 30apr08 crashed after departure from Parati/Condomi+
22009 2005 UK G-GRND : DFS Trading Ltd Jan06-Jun10
Galegrove 2 LBG Jun10-Mar14
UK G-GBMM : Castle Air Mar14-Aug15
UK G-GBMM : Hadleigh Partners Aug15-Nov18
02Sep15 at Dengam
Apr17, sold Agusta Grand A109s 2005; located in Newmark+
UK G-GBMM : Castle Air Ltd Nov18-Jan19
UK G-GBMM : Orchard Holdings Ltd from 30Jan19
28mar19 pictured (pic3) at Castle Air, Liskeard. (Bein+
22010 2006 MX XC-EDM : Gobierno Mexico 2006-2010
US N373SH : AgustaWestland, PA from 09jun10
US N9910Z : Topeka Air Ambulance at Topeka, KS Apr16-Dec18; Life St+
US N9910Z : Med-Trans Corp at Denton, TX Dec18-Jan19
US N9910Z : North Memorial Health Care at Brooklyn Center, MN from +
22011 2006 UK G-CDWY : Jun06-Oct12; 11jul10 pictured at Briti+
12Apr12 Its in Wrexham on a playing field and seems to +
UK G-PDAY : Mash Aviation Ltd Oct/Dec 2012
Sky Border Logistics Ltd Dec12-Jun14
UK G-SKBL : Sky Border Logistics Ltd from Jun14
25may16 at Newcastle, Upon Tyne
22012 2006 AE 2006 : UAEAF VIP 2006-?
AE A6-AVA : Abu Dhabi Aviation, to N109NM
US N109NM : TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake,+
Jan/May 2019, sold Grand A109S 2006 ; 1,076 hours Total+
22013 2006 AU VH-XNB : Rigby Hall Investments Pty Apr06-Oct15, op by AustCopt+
08apr14 pictured at Wagga Wagga Airport
NZ ZK-HBH : Helena Bay Lodge / Heletranz Ltd from Oct15
22014 2006 IT I-JJOO : Joguvi Srl Nov06-Dec14
US N91NM : North Memorial Healthcare at Brooklyn Center, MN from J+
22015 2006 AU VH-FOX : Linfox Jul06, to F-GSNH
FR F-GSNH : Feb 2009, noted at Courchevel
Skycam Hélicoptères, noted Jan10; to I-AWCC
IT I-AWCC : from jul11
02may13 used to pick-up the Pope Benedetto XVI fron Cas+
UK G-LITO : ex I-AWCC, reg Apr 2016 to Castle Air
22016 2006 ZA ZS-HMD : New Port Finance Company (PTY) Ltd, South Africa from A+
AMS Dec09-2013
US N58NM : North Memorial Medical Center at Brainerd, MN from Feb1+
22017 2006 IE EI-MEN : Reg Jul 2006 to Men-entirl Ltd
US N109JN : Reg N109JN Dec 2009, reg cancelled Oct 2010 on export t+
MX XA-KMJ : ex N109JN by Nov 2010
22019 2006 UK G-NWAR : private Aug06-Feb08
JJB Sports Plc Feb/Dec 2008
AE A6-MSM : FAS from Jan09
AE A6-MSM : Apr/Sep 2017, sold Agusta Grand A109s 2006; Engines 127+
22020 2006 MX XC-BIN : Gobierno from Aug06
13feb14 at Banorte building Santa Fe, Mexico City
MX XC-EGD : Estado de Mexico, Relampagos, noted Mar15; Rescate (R+
29apr17 pictured at FAMEX, St Lucia
22021 2006 US N84RE : MJS Aviation at Wilmington, DE Oct/Nov 2006
IE EI-JFC : Ireland, to G-MCAN
UK G-MCAN : Castle Air Nov09-Feb10
UK G-MCAN : Cannon Air Llp from Feb10; Feb19 still
22023 2006 AE A6-FLS : FAS from Dec06
AE A6-FLS : May13-Aug14, sold Agusta A109 2006 New VIP Interior, Ma+
Mar15-May18, sold Agusta A109 2006; Fully Overhauled M+
22024 2006 IT I-REMS : Elidolomiti from Dec06
IT I-REMS : Soccorso Alpino, pictured (top) unk
IT I-REMS : Inaer Italia from Jun09; w/o 22aug09 hit electrical wir+
22025 2006 CH HB-ZHP : Swift Copters/JP Helicopters Nov06-Jan07, replaced HB-Z+
CH HB-ZHP : Swissjet / JP Helicopters Jan07-Jun08
Swiss Jet / Air Engiadina Jun08-Jul13
AU VH-XPB : Black Bear Aviation Pty from Aug13, op by Aviation Util+
10jun16 hit a tree branch near Ellerston, NSW
22026 DK OY-HOO : Avion ApS, Denmark Aug07-Nov08, repl by OY-HLA
FR F-GXKG : JCE / Heli Challenge, France Nov08-Nov09
IM M-OGUL : Medway Leasing Ltd, Isle of Man from Nov09
22027 2006 ZA ZS-BAX : Quickbird Executive Pty Ltd South Africa Nov06-Oct07
UK G-STGR : WA Developments Intl from Oct07, Stobart Air; Private +
28sep14 pictured (pic1) at Renaissance Golf Hotel, Scot+
Sloane Jan/Mar 2015
UK G-STGR : NT Burton Aviation 19/23 mar15
20mar15 at Inanda club Sandton, Johannesburg, South Afr+
UK G-EMHD : NT Burton Aviation from 23mar15
Jun16-Jan17, sold Agusta Grand A109s 2006; located in +
22028 2006 UK G-ETOU : Helimand Ltd from Dec06; Ogden since May07; JPM Ltd fro+
UK G-MSVI : JPM Ltd from Mar13
18sep19 at Blackbushe
22030 IT I-FACM : Scuderia Ferrari from Jan07 replaced I-SFAC. Op by Heli+
with Michael Schumacher
22031 2006 AU VH-CTC : Heliflite Australia Feb 2007
AU VH-CTC : GSM Helicopter Pty, Australia from Mar07
Jun/Dec 2014, sold Grand New 109SP 2006 Gold Coast Air+
24jan15 pictured (pic2) at Wagga Wagga Airport
UK G-HRDB : Freshair UK Ltd from Feb15; FreshAir Helicopters charte+
14jul16 flown 1800ft over Biggleswade, Bedfordshire
22032 2007 IT I-ELFA : Esperia Aviation 2009
IT I-ELFA : HoverFly from Jun11; pictured
22033 2007 IT I-CESR : Elilombarda from May07
22034 2007 US N61TG : Agusta Corp Jan07, to Mexico as XC-ALM
MX XC-ALM : reser XC-EDM
MX XC-EDM : Gobierno; 07jul09 pictured (top) at Toluca
Gobierno; w/o 21oct11 pictured (bot) after crash at Pe+
22036 2007 VE YV321T : Inversiones Multinacional, Venezuela Jun07-2014
US N109HF : HF Aviation at Hayward, CA from Apr14
22041 IT I-RDSN : Air Dimension Srl from Jun07
22042 2007 ZA ZS-BAX : Quickbird Executive pty Ltd, South Africa from Oct07
22044 2007 US N613CC : Challenger Management Llc at New Castle, DE from Sep07
Mar/Apr 2018, sold Agusta Grand A109s 2007; 793 total h+
22045 AE A6-FLC : FAS d/d Aug07; 03sep07 damaged at Jebel Dhana, UAE; Sep+
US N912AP : private at Bristol, TN from 2009; canc Feb13
22046 2007 IE EI-GYM : Barkisland Developments at Blanchardstown Jul07-Oct08
US N109LM : Grand Consecha Llc at Lake Wales, FL Oct08-Feb09
US N65PW : Grand Consecha Llc at Lake Wales, FL Mar09-Nov17
US N45SH : Indiana Helicopters at Fort Wayne, IN from Jan18
22047 2007 IE EI-NBG : Ireland private 2007-2011
US N109GH : General Helicopters International Llc at Wilmington, DE+
DE D-HKTG : Germany private at Schönhagen Airfield Sep11-Jun17
UK G-CKIH : Heli Delta BV at Sint Aghata, Netherlands from Jun17
22049 2007 IT I-PRDA : Prada Spa from Oct07
MY 9M-AWM : AgustaWestland Malaysia 2013
22050 2007 US N35AG : Aircraft Guaranty Management Llc at Houston, TX Oct07-+
UK G-VERU : MRY Ltd Jul10-May12
UK G-PBWR : Helix Helicopters Ltd at Isle of Man May12-Jun18
UK G-SAFA : Inuit Holdings Ltd at Guernsey Jun/Jul 2018
MyHeli Ltd at Oxford Airport from Jul18
22051 2007 IT I-BUFC : API Petroli from Oct07
22054 2007 US N950SH : Agusta Corp from Sep07
US N48MT : Wall Street Helicopters at New City, NY from Jan08
Dec13-Jun14, sold Grand New 109SP 2007 - Delivered with+
22055 2007 MX XA-AET : Mexico private from Dec07, test serial I-EASV
MX XA-UIQ : Aerolineas Ejecutivas, Mexico from 2009
MX XA-EUC : Aug13-Jul14, sold Agusta Grand 2007 - No damage history+
09mar15 confiscated by Federal Gov belonging Oscar Trev+
22058 2007 UK G-FUFU : Air Harrods Ltd Nov07-May15; Mar15 on sale
UK G-FUFU : Castle Air from May15
18sep15 at Burslem Cricket Club, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffo+
UK G-DEUP : Still with Castle Motors, re-reg G-DEUP by Jan 2017; to+
UK G-RYFF : re-reg G-RYFF Mar 2018, still with Bandersnatch Ltd, Io+
22060 2007 MY 9M-YHM : Sabah Air from Nov07
22061 IE EI-LMK : Skyheli d/d Nov07; Sep12 to Turkey
22062 2007 US N109TH : TH Leasing Corp at Wilmington, DE Jan/Jun 2008. Test se+
AE A6-FLK : FAS from Jul08
AE A6-FLK : May13-Aug14, sold Agusta A109 2007 Luxury VIP Interior,+
22065 2008 IT I-RMRM : Finmari Srl,op by Air Corporate Feb08-Mar13
US N109GH : General Helicopters International Llc at Wilmington, DE+
22066 2006 US N140AW : AgustaWestland, PA from Jan08
US N6MV : Wing and Rotor Transportation Holdings from Jan09
US N61MV : Wells Fargo Bank from Aug13
CA C-FIGO : Chartright Air at Missisauga, ON Dec13-Sep15
CA C-FIIG : Fig Air at Whitby, ON Sep15-Dec17
US N449C : Fawkes Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE from Dec17
22069 IT I-NAES : Elilario Italia 2000-2010
IT I-NAES : Elidolomiti EMS Treviso noted 2008
IT I-NAES : INAER Italia from 2010; SUEM 118 Regione Veneto TREVISO+
22074 IT I-ROUL : M.Ar.Te / Helisirio Srl from May08; 22apr10 pictured at+
22075 2008 IT I-BSPL : Elilombarda Apr08-Jun16
IT I-BSPL : Nov14-Jan15, sold Agusta Grand A109s 2008 TTAF 967:50 h+
UK G-CJNW : Ariane Srl Nov/Dec 2016
US N11NM : North Memorial Healtcare from Dec16; North Memorial Air+
North Memorial Health; w/o 28jun19 01:00 local time nig+
22076 2008 AU VH-MHD : Orkdale Pty Ltd May08-Mar10
RP RP-C7771 : Helitrend Corp Mar/Jun 2010
I.N. Christo Jun10-Jun17
US N68NM : North Memorial Healthcare at Brooklyn Center, MN from J+
22077 2008 IT I-LIDF : Alidaunia from Jun08
IT I-LIDF : Oct13-Aug14, sold Agusta Grand 2008, Single Pilot IFR, +
22078 2008 US N621SC : AgustaWestland, PA May08
US N621SC : South Bay Helicopter Service Inc at Santa Clara, CA fro+
22081 2008 AU VH-FOX : Linfox from Sep08
AU VH-FBX : Linfox from Oct010, to RP-C8109
RP RP-C8109 : Philippines
22084 2009 RU RA-01903 : from Feb09
22085 2008 BR PR-VIN : Homagus Administracao e Participacoes Ltda Oct08-2014
CL CC-ANZ : Aerocardal, for Clinica Alemana de Santiago
CL CC-ANZ : Servicios Aereos Starair Ltda; Clinica Alemana de Santi+
22086 2008 BR PR-ORK : Global Taxi Aereo Ltda Feb09
US N81NM : AgustaWestland, PA Nov14-Feb15
US N81NM : North Memorial Health Care at Brooklyn Center, MN from +
22088 DK OY-HLA : Avion ApS, Denmark Oct08-Jun10, repl OY-HOO
IT I-ESPE : Esperia Aviation Service Jul10-Jun16
IT I-ESPE : trekker AgustaWestland from Jul16; conv to AW109 Trekker
2/3 Sep16 on display at AirPower 2016 in Zeltweg, Austr+
22090 2008 US N109GR : Wells Fargo Sep08-Mar09, to G-IOOZ
UK G-IOOZ : Hundred Percent Aviation from Mar09; 20aug10 pictured (+
14aug13 pictured (bot) at Starlight Children Foundation+
07dec13 dmg tail rotor and hard landing ditched in fiel+
22095 BR PR-DIZ : PAIC Participações Ltda at Sao Paulo, Brazil from Dec+
22096 BR PR-XAN : Brazil from Nov08
Helistar Taxi Aereo Escola de Pilotagem e Assess, Rio d+
22098 IM M-YWAY : Oct 2008 reg M-YWAY
BR PT-SXJ : to Brazil reg as PT-SXJ Feb 2010
22101 DE D-HSKM : private Dec08
HTM, noted 2011; 2014 still
22102 ON SALE US N275JC : Agusta Aerospace Corp Nov08; N30JC ntu
US N54JJ : James C Justice Companies Inc at Beaver, WV Jun09-Apr1+
US N30JC : James C Justice Companies Inc at Beaver, WV Apr13-2016+
US N30UC : James C Justice Companies Inc at Beaver, WV Jan/Oct 20+
US N220CC : DSG Aviation Llc at San Juan Capo, CA from Oct17
22104 2008 BR PR-YAA : Voyager Adm.partic.e Assessoria Ltda Apr09-2013
US N473SH : AgustaWestland, PA Jan/May 2014
UK G-XXEC : Royal Household at RAF Odiham from Jun14; Keeper of the+
22110 US N105YS : AgustaWestland, PA from Nov08
AE A6-SBH : FAS from Apr09
22111 2009 IT I-ESPA : Esperia Aviation Service
22112 ZA ZS-HKL : Royal Bafokeng Administration from Mar09
22116 2009 IT I-DVFD : VF-83, test serial I-RAIS
22117 DE D-HHHH : HTM Mar09-Mar11
DE D-HHHH : MHS Mar11-Mar12
DE D-HHHH : HTM from Mar12
22119 2010 US N203SM : AgustaWestland, PA from Feb09
US N203SM : Wells Fargo Bank from May09
CA C-FWWW : Chartright Air Inc from Apr10
22123 2009 US N19MP : Aero Toy Stores May09-Mar10
IM M-CHGK : Mar 2010 reg M-CHGK to Helter Management
UA UR-CHGK : Mar 2011 to Ukraine
RU RA-01700 : Jun 2014 to Russia
22125 2009 UK G-FRZN : Iceland Foods Ltd from May09, op Chobman Helicopters; 1+
15jul14 pictured (bot) at Norwich
22126 2009 BR PT-ALA : Braemp Brasil Empreendimentos e Participações Ltda fr+
Sep13-Jan15, sold Grand New 109SP 2009 Flawless machine+
22127 AU VH-ENE : Heliflite Pty Ltd from May09
22129 2009 CH HB-ZSM : Helicondor Anstalt / Skymedia from May09
24jan14 at Zurich
CH HB-ZSM : op Heli Rezia by 2016
Lion Air Group, visited Davos for WEF 2019
22130 IT I-KORE : INAER Italia from May09, test serial I-RAIS; Sep10 Bell+
operating on behalf of SUEM 118 Regione Veneto - Trevis+
22132 CN : China MSA d/d 04dec09, test serial I-PTFF
CN B-7776 : CITIC Offshore Helicopter Co from Nov10, for MSA
22133 2009 US N359SH : Agusta Aerospace Corp at Philadelphia, PA Jul/Aug 2009
US N359SH : Centinela Aviation at Wilmington, DE Aug09-May14
UK G-YRTE : Castle Air Jun/Aug 2014
UK G-YRTE : Galegrove 2 LBG from Aug14
08may17 at London heliport
22137 2009 CH HB-ZLI : MWT Aviation Anstalt Aug10-Nov14
Jun/Nov 2014, sold Agusta Grand 2009, Single Pilot SP-I+
UK G-LCFC : Ceilo del Rey Co Ltd, Isle of Man from Nov14
22138 2009 IT I-RAKE : INAER Italia from Dec09; ambulance
Babcock MCS Italia; May16 asg 118 Padova Elisoccorso Re+
22139 CN : China MSA from Nov09
CN B-7778 : CITIC Offshore Helicopter Co from Nov10, for MSA
22140 IT I-PNTD : Elitaliana EMS from Jun10
22144 2010 IT I-CLOE : Leone 2
HANGAR 118 (HEMS Regione Veneto)
22145 2009 US N109EX : Prime Healthcare EMS Victorville, CA from Dec09
Executive HeliShares, Mar13
22146 2009 DE D-HOAA : Wiking Dec09-Jul16; PP-OPR ntu
US N71NM : North Memorial Healt Care at Brooklyn Center, MN from J+
22150 IN VT-UPL : Uttar Pradesh Government at Lucknow Airport from 2010, +
22152 2009 AU VH-ZOH : Avwest Aircraft from Dec09
Beluga Aviation Pty Ltd at NSW from Mar18
22153 ZA ZS-HDP : TNPA, Port of Durban Pilot from Jan10
22154 2010 AU VH-OCD : Heliflite Pty Ltd Mar10-2012
BR PP-PRI : Razac International Trade Ltda cnpj 2013?-Feb17
UK G-EMHN : Castle Air Ltd Feb/Apr 2017
UK G-EMHN : NT Burton Aviation Apr/Jul 2017; Burton Aviation Ltd fr+
22155 IT I-ESPO : Esperia Aviation from Jan10
22156 2009 UK G-HEMZ : Sloane since Jan10; air ambulance
UK G-HEMZ : Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance (D+
Children Air Ambulance op by Sloane; 21may13 pictured a+
29jan16 landed at Alder Hey Childrens Hospital, Liverpo+
20may18 providing HEMS cover at the British Touring Car+
05jul19 as DLRAA /Helimed 53 at Sywell Sloane
22160 2010 US N204YS : Agusta Aerospace Corp Feb10
CA C-GTMI : National Helicopters Inc at Kleinburg, ON Jun10-Oct18, +
CA C-GTMI : Great Lakes Helicopter Corp at Breslau, ON from Nov18
May18-Jun19, sold Agusta Grand A109s 2010 ; 491 flight +
22161 XT-LTI : Liza Transport Intl, Burkina Faso from Mar11
22163 2010 MX XC-ALM : Gobierno; w/o 02sep14 5m from Lerma, Toluca. 2 fataliti+
MX XC-LMO : helicopter model A109S c/n 22163 has not had any accide+
22164 IT I-KERA : INAER Italia Dec10-Mar17
Babcock MCS Italia from Mar17
22166 2010 RW 9XR-SO : Akagera Aviation from Jun10, test serial I-EASP
22167 2010 IT I-JADX : Giada Servizi Aerei from Jun10
22170 CL CC-ACK : Aerocardal from Nov10
22173 2010 IT I-PTFP : AgustaWestland, to I-PNTE
IT I-PNTE : Elitaliana EMS from Oct10, /Pegaso 21

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