Airbus Helicopters Super Puma/Cougar

H215 / AS332C1e / AS332L1e


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2864 FR F-WWOV : Eurocopter France, AS332C1e type; 27feb14 pictured (pic+
ZA ZS-RTP : Starlite, to N578AC
US N578AC : Wilmington Trust Co Trustee at Wilmington, DE from May1+
US N578AC : 01mar16 pictured (pic2) on display at Heli-Expo 2016
09mar16 pictured (pic3) at second stop in USA demo tou+
16mar16 pictured (pic4) with the SDFD at third stop in +
17mar16 day 5 stop in USA demo tour at Camarillo, CA
21apr16 video at Campo de Mayo, Argentina in Latam demo+
26apr16 arrived to Chile
27apr16 at Cerro Moreno, Chile
14May16 at Manta, Ecuador
20may16 heading back to US
23sep16 pictured (pic5) sitting outside a hanger at Spi+
2896 2014 IE EI-SAO : Starlite, to ZT-RCE
ZA ZT-RCE : Starlite, to N579AC
US N579AC : Wilmington Trust Co Trustee at Wilmington, DE from Dec1+
2906 2014 BO FAB-780 : FAB Jatun Puma, test serial F-WJXN; 13may14 pictured ha+
2920 BO FAB-781 : FAB Jatun Puma d/d Dec14
2938 2015 FR F-GTLA : AS332C1e Aug15; HdF from Sep15
14jul17 pictured at Perpignan
Jun18 on maintenance at Gap-Tallard
FR F-GTLA : ALAT from 19Sep15 via JORF n°0217 ; 4RHFS, 4e régime+
2950 FI OH-HVP : Finnish Border Guard Mar16, test serial F-WWOQ, AS332L+
2956 FI OH-HVQ : Finnish Border Guard, test serial F-WWOY, AS332L1e type
22sep16 pictured refueling aboart UVL Turva
2981 2015 BO FAB-782 : FAB Jatun Puma d/d 07jan16
Oct/Nov 2015 reported training Bolivian crews from Alb+
07jan16 pictured (pic1) at Perpignan, France
05feb16 pictured (pic2) on delivery
2995 ES HD.21-16 : AS332C1e; Ejercito del Aire 802-16; 03oct16 pictured (+
26nov16 pictured (pic2) with 802 Squadron at Gando
3017 2017 FR F-HRTS : Heavylift Leasing Ltd Oct/17, AS332C1e; Airtelis from 2+
28apr18 arrived at Guernsey, UK
28apr18 arrived Dublin, Ireland
02may18 parked in Knocksedan Heliport 2Km NW Dublin Air+
08may18 overflying Ryhill, South/West Yorkshire border
10may18 lifting parts for building Emley Moor Temporary+
11may18 lifting temp tower at Emley Moor, Ireland
04jan19 pictured at Perpignan
3026 2017 FR F-WWOY : Airbus France; 21nov17 pictured at Airbus Albacete, Spa+
ES HD.21-17 : AS332C1e; Ejercito del Aire 802-17 d/d 09feb18, 802 Squ+
3028 2017 ES HD.21-18 : AS332C1e;Ejercito del Aire 802-18, Albacete test serial+
3042 2018 DE D-HMNV : Bundespolizei AS332L1e Dec18, test serial F-WWOS; 14d+
3043 2018 DE D-HEGR : Bundespolizei AS332L1e Mar19, test serial F-WWOV
20feb19 at Bonn/Hangelar Airport,
28may19 at Aalborg, Denmark
28may19 at Stavanger/Sola Airport, Norway
3045 2018 DE D-HEGQ : Bundespolizei AS332L1e, test serial F-WWOL
23may19 at Bonn/Hangelar Airport
28may19 at Aalborg Airport, Denmark
28may19 at Stavanger/Sola Int'l Airport, Norway
3047 2019 DE D-HEGX : Bundespolizei AS332L1e Sep19, 1000th Super Puma built a+
ES HD.21-21 : AS332C1e;Ejercito del Aire 802-21; Mar19 Airbus Albacet+
29mar19 pictured on delivery to Ala 46, Grupo SAR 82, E+
BO FAB-783 : FAB Jatun Puma; 07aug16 pictured with 784 on delivery b+
BO FAB-784 : FAB Jatun Puma from Aug16
BO FAB-785 : FAB Jatun Puma from Oct16; 31may17 official d/d by Pre+
20 C/N.

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