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    H215 / AS332C1e / AS332L1e


    Construction Numbers

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    2864 FR F-WWOV : Eurocopter France, AS332C1e type; pictured (pic1) at A+
    ZA ZS-RTP : Starlite, to N578AC
    US N578AC : Wilmington Trust Co Trustee at Wilmington, DE from May1+
    US N578AC : pictured (pic2) on display at Heli-Expo 2016
    pictured (pic3) at second stop in USA demo tour at H+
    pictured (pic4) with the SDFD at third stop in USA dem+
    day 5 stop in USA demo tour at Camarillo, CA
    video at Campo de Mayo, Argentina in Latam demo tour
    arrived to Chile
    at Cerro Moreno, Chile
    at Manta, Ecuador
    20may16 heading back to US
    pictured (pic5) sitting outside a hanger at Spinks Air+
    2896 2014 IE EI-SAO : Starlite, to ZT-RCE
    ZA ZT-RCE : Starlite, to N579AC
    US N579AC : Wilmington Trust Co Trustee at Wilmington, DE Dec16-Jan+
    ZA ZT-RYC : Starlite from Jan19

    2906 2014 BO FAB-780 : FAB Jatun Puma, test serial F-WJXN; pictured handle ov+
    2920 BO FAB-781 : FAB Jatun Puma d/d Dec14
    2938 2015 FR F-GTLA : AS332C1e Aug15; HdF from Sep15
    pictured at Perpignan
    Jun18 on maintenance at Gap-Tallard
    FR F-GTLA : ALAT from 19Sep15 via JORF n°0217 ; 4RHFS, 4e régime+
    2950 FI OH-HVP : Finnish Border Guard Mar16, test serial F-WWOQ, AS332L+
    2956 FI OH-HVQ : Finnish Border Guard, test serial F-WWOY, AS332L1e type+
    22sep16 pictured (pic2) refueling aboard UVL Turva
    2981 2015 BO FAB-782 : FAB Jatun Puma d/d 07jan16
    Oct/Nov 2015 reported training Bolivian crews from Alb+
    pictured (pic1) at Perpignan, France
    05feb16 pictured (pic2) on delivery
    2985 BO FAB-783 : FAB Jatun Puma, test serial F-ZWDO; 07aug16 pictured w+
    2995 ES HD.21-16 : AS332C1e; Ejercito del Aire 802-16; 03oct16 pictured (+
    26nov16 pictured (pic2) with 802 Squadron at Gando
    2998 BO FAB-784 : FAB Jatun Puma from Aug16, test serial F-ZWCQ
    3017 2017 FR F-HRTS : Heavylift Leasing Ltd Oct/17, AS332C1e; Airtelis from 2+
    arrived at Guernsey, UK
    arrived Dublin, Ireland
    parked in Knocksedan Heliport 2Km NW Dublin Airport
    08may18 overflying Ryhill, South/West Yorkshire border
    10may18 lifting parts for building Emley Moor Temporary+
    11may18 lifting temp tower at Emley Moor, Ireland
    pictured at Perpignan
    Seen 1km north of Vinassan in a field

    3025 BO FAB-785 : FAB Jatun Puma from Oct16, test serial F-ZWDY; 31may17+
    3026 2017 FR F-WWOY : Airbus France; 21nov17 pictured at Airbus Albacete, Spa+
    ES HD.21-17 : AS332C1e; Ejercito del Aire 802-17 d/d 09feb18, 802 Squ+
    3028 2017 ES HD.21-18 : AS332C1e;Ejercito del Aire 802-18, Albacete test serial+

    3032 ES HD.21-21 : AS332C1e;Ejercito del Aire 802-21; Airbus Albacete; fo+
    pictured on delivery to Ala 46, Grupo SAR 82, Escuadro+
    3042 2018 DE D-HMNV : Bundespolizei AS332L1e Dec18, test serial F-WWOS; at+
    3043 2018 DE D-HEGR : Bundespolizei AS332L1e Mar19, test serial F-WWOV
    at Bonn/Hangelar Airport,
    at Aalborg, Denmark
    at Stavanger/Sola Airport, Norway
    3045 2018 DE D-HEGQ : Bundespolizei AS332L1e, test serial F-WWOL
    at Bonn/Hangelar Airport
    at Aalborg Airport, Denmark
    at Stavanger/Sola Int'l Airport, Norway
    3047 2019 DE D-HEGX : Bundespolizei AS332L1e , 1000th Super Puma built at Mar+
    ES HD.21-19 : AS332C1e; Ejercito del Aire 801-19 by Nov19
    21 C/N.

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