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    UAVs    2019

    Bell APT 70

    The Autonomous Pod Transport 70 is part of an electrical vertical take off (eVTOL) family of drones under development by Bell. APT 70 can reach over 100 mph / 161 km/h and has a baseline payload of 70 lbs / 32 kgs. First flew on August 2019.

    By December 2020 the APT flight test program has completed over 300 flights including a 49 kgs / 110 lbs of payload over an 12 km / 8-mile route

    APT 70 News

    Bell APT Drone Demonstration for NASA, 11-Feb-22 : #NASA Bell partnership with Hillwood and Northwest Independent School District (NISD) for demonstration of ground-based Detect and Avoid (DAA) flight for its NASA Systems Integration and Operationalization (SIO) project

    APT Drone Airdrop Supplies, 13-Oct-21 : #resupply Bell Autonomous Pod Transport (APT) drone demonstrated its ability to airdrop supplies

    Point-to-Point Autonomous Delivery, 03-Feb-21 : #Innovation Hillwood and Bell demonstrate point-to-point autonomous package delivery at the Alliance Texas Mobility Innovation Zone

    Bell APT with ARA Robotic in Canada, 18-Jan-21 : #drones Bell Canada and ARA Robotic tested the Autonomous Pod Transport (APT) cargo drone with a new airframe at the Mirabel, Quebec facility

    Bell APT 70 Drone in Demo Flight for NASA, 01-Oct-20 : #NASA Bell Autonomous Pod Transport APT 70 drone completes NASA’s systems integration and operationalization demo flights to demonstrate safety and utility of unmanned aircraft for future commercial uses

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    Construction Numbers on database of APT 70 or its versions

    4APT 70

    Construction Numbers

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    C/NBuilt asYearHistory
    001 2018 US N314PC
    002 2019 US N314AL
    005 US N314AN
    006 US N314AQ
    4 C/N.

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