Kawasaki Heavy Industries BK117B-1

List of Operators of Kawasaki Heavy Industries BK117B-1

From Organisation with model BK117B-1
japan Fire and Disaster Management Agency
    bk117 1985/   
thailand SFS Aviation
    bk117 1990/   
japan Japanese Newspapers and News Media
    bk117 1991/   
japan Tohoku Air Service
    bk117 1995/   
nepal Karnali Air Service
    bk117 2 1998/01
new zealand Helicopters Otago
    bk117 1998/   
japan Doctor-Heli
    bk117 2000/   

australia Australia Police
australia Australia Air Ambulances
new zealand New Zealand Rescue Helicopters
taiwan Sunrise Airlines
Construction Numbers on database of BK117B-1


Construction Numbers

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1026 JP JA9924 : Japan, to PK-FGS
ID PK-FGS : Surya Air; to P4-KFI
AN P4-KFI : Netherlands Antilles; canc
1028 JP JA9926 : Tohoku Air Service from Sep95, conv to B-2; w/o 11mar11+
1031 NZ ZK-HUP : BK117-850D2 Airwork NZ, conv to 850D2
NZ ZK-HUP : Otago Regional Rescue, note the prefix ZK is not worn o+
1032 JP JA9969 : to ZK-HKA
NZ ZK-HKA : New Zealand, to B-77008
TW B-77008 : Taiwan Sunrise Airlines, to SE-JBZ
SE SE-JBZ : Sweden
1034 1990 JP JA9975 : to ZK-HYB
NZ ZK-HYB : New Zealand, to VH-EMS
AU VH-EMS : Australia, first reg Jan00, bk.117b-2 type
AU VH-HRT : Northern Region SLSA Helicopter Rescue from Mar07
AU VH-HRT : Ambulance NSW Westpac 3, Tamworth
AU VH-HRT : Hunter Region SLSA Helicopter Rescue from May14
1035 AU VH-BZD : Bristow; loan from P2-HBR; ex JA9904
1041 1989 JP JA9995 : Japan, to ZK-HRI
NZ ZK-HRI : Airwork May96 - Jan99 to VH-JRB
AU VH-JRB : Jayrow Helicopters Jun99 - Aug11 to ZK-HOU
NZ ZH-HOU : bk117b-2 HeliLInk type B-2 Aug11 - Oct12 to P2-HNA
PG P2-HNA : Heli Niugini type B-2 from Oct12
1042 1990 JP JA9992 : Japan, to ZK-HLI
NZ ZK-HLI : New Zealand, to VH-BKE
AU VH-BKE : Australia from Mar99, 117B2 type
AU VH-BKE : Bristow Australia from Jun10
1043 1990 JP JA9985 : to VH-RLY
AU VH-RLY : reg 19feb99; conv to B-2 type; Rotor Lift Helicopters, +
AU VH-PHZ : NSW Police /PolAir5
AU VH-PNF : NSW Police from Feb06
AU VH-VRQ : BK117-850D2 NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) from Feb15, op by Trec+
1044 1989 JP JA9993 : Japan, to VH-BKK
AU VH-BKK : Australia from Mar94, to JA9993
JP JA9993 : Japan again, 117B2 type
AU VH-BKK : Bristow Australia from Feb06
1045 JP JA9998 : Japan, to ZK-HII
NZ ZK-HII : New Zealand May93-Sep98
NP 9N-AEL : Karnali Air Service from Sep98, to other operator Simr+
NP 9N-AEL : Simrik Air
1046 JP JA9994 : Japan, to ZK-HBK
NZ ZK-HBK : New Zealand, Feb93 - Jul98 to 9N-AER
NP 9N-AER : Nepal, Jul98 - Sep00 to ZK-HBK
NZ ZK-HBK : New Zealand, Sep00 - Dec01 to P2-HBK
PG P2-HBK : Heli Niugini from Dec91
PG P2-HBK : 23nov15 spotted on partially crated helo, painted oran+
1048 1990 JP JA6604 : to VH-SLA
AU VH-SLA : Australia, first reg Sep93, bk.117b-2 type
Northern Region SLSA Helicopter Rescue from Jun06
AU VH-SLA : Ambulance NSW Lifesaver 1, Sydney
1050 1990 JP JA6606 : to VH-SLS
AU VH-SLS : Australia, first reg Feb97, bk.117b-2 type
AU VH-SLS : Westpac Life Saver, unk
AU VH-HRR : Northern Region SLSA Helicopter Rescue from Nov07
AU VH-HRR : Ambulance NSW Sydney
NZ ZK-HCB : New Zealand Aug/Nov 2017
NZ ZK-HGW : GCH Aviation Ltd at Christchurch Airport from Apr18
1051 1990 JP JA6607 : to VH-WAH
AU VH-WAH : Australia, first reg Sep92
AU VH-WAH : WA Police from Jul05
1052 1990 JP JA6614 : Japan, to PK-HNY
ID PK-HNY : Gatari Air Service, Indonesia, to P4-KFH
AN P4-KFH : Netherlands Antilles, canc
ID PK-HNY : Nov15-May16, sold Eurocopter BK-117 1990 located in Kua+
1053 JP JA6617 : conv to Bk117B-2, to ZK-HGF
NZ ZK-IBK : BK117-850D2 Bk.117-850D2 type; Wellington Hospital, Newtown, Welli+
1057 1990 JP JA6622 : to ZK-HIC
NZ ZK-HIC : New Zealand, to B-55501
CN B-55501 : China, to VH-VRP
AU VH-VRP : Australia from Sep05
AU VH-VRP : Australian Helicopters from May06, conv B2 type
AU VH-VRP : BK117-850D2 NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) from Dec13, op by Trec+
1059 1990 JP JA6624 : to ZK-HKL
NZ ZK-HKL : New Zealand, to B-77009
TW B-77009 : Taiwan Sunrise Airlines, conv to 117B-2 type; w/o 16oct+
1061 JP JA6626 : Japan, to ZK-HJC
NZ ZK-HJC : BK117B1 conv B2. Christchurch, New Zealand
NZ ZK-HJC : Garden City Helicopters, Westpac Rescue; 05may14 hard +
1062 JP JA6620 : Tohoku Air Service from Jun97, conv to B-2
1065 1990 JP JA6631 : to VH-BKS
AU VH-BKS : Australia, first reg Feb94, bk.117b-2 type; Sunshine Co+
AU VH-SLU : Southern Region SLSA Helicopter Rescue from Feb10
AU VH-SLU : Ambulance NSW Lifesaver 3, Moruya
1067 TH HS-SFA : SFS Aviation, wfu
1070 JP JA6642 : to ZK-HZJ
NZ ZK-HZJ : New Zealand, to HS-SFC
TH HS-SFC : SFS Aviation, to HS-CCA
TH HS-CCA : rtn to ZK-HZJ
NZ ZK-HZJ : rtn to JA6642
JP JA6642 : conv to B2 type, to ZK-HLF
NZ ZK-HLF : Helilink; conv Bk.117B2; ex JA6642, ZK-HZJ
1072 JP JA6651 : Japan Jan91-Mar00
JP JA6651 : Excel Air Service Mar00-Dec01, B2 type
JP JA6651 : Deiticy from Dec01
1074 NZ ZK-IME : Otago Regional Rescue
1075 JP JA6649 : Japan, to HL9212
KR HL9212 : South Korea, to ZK-HFH
NZ ZK-HFH : bk117b-2 New Zealand, type:B-2 to JA6649
JP JA6649 : 2002 Japan, type:B-2 to ZK-HLI
NZ ZK-HLI : New Zealand, type:B-2 to P2-HBQ
PG P2-HBQ : Heli Niugini type:B-2
1078 TH HS-SFB : SFS Aviation
1079 JP JA6659 : conv bk.117c-1; Doctor-Heli
1081 JP JA6667 : Nishi Nippon Airliners, B-2 type
JP JA6667 : Doctor-Heli, op by Nishi
1082 JP JA6661 : to ZK-HTK
NZ ZK-HTK : New Zealand, to B-77088
TW B-77088 : Taiwan Sunrise Airlines; w/o 10jul09 ditch into sea on+
1084 1991 JP JA6663 : to B-77007
TW B-77007 : Taiwan Sunrise Airlines, to ZK-HUV
NZ ZK-HUV : New Zealand, to 9M-SAR
MY 9M-SAR : Malaysia, to ZK-IFB
NZ ZK-IFB : New Zealand, to VH-BIF
AU VH-BIF : Australia, first reg Aug05, bk.117b-2 type
AU VH-BIF : CareFlight NSW /4 from Aug05; Ambulance Service of New+
Ambulance NSW CareFlight 3, Westmead op by CareFlight N+
23dec14 CareFlight NSW helicopter pictured with Santa
1089 1994 JP JA6672 : Kawasaki, to HL9210
KR HL9210 : South Korea, Apr94 - 2008
NZ ZK-HKZ : BK117-850D2 Airwork NZ 2008, conv to 850D2 type
NZ ZK-HKZ : ARHT from May08; note the prefix ZK is not worn on the +
1095 1994 JP JA6729 : Kagawa Disaster Prevention Air Corps Mar04-Dec08
AU VH-EMS : Australia from Feb09, B2 type
Heli Holding Ltd at Auckland, NZ from Dec13; op by Roto+
1097 1991 JP JA6684 : to VH-IME
AU VH-IME : Australia, first reg Apr01, bk.117-b2 type
AU VH-IME : CareFlight from Jul08; Ambulance Service of New South +
Ambulance NSW HIRT 2 op by CareFlight
NRMA CareFlight NSW /1
1100 1991 JP JA6683 : Chunichi Shimbun newspaper press Sep91-Nov11; Aug99 co+
KE 5Y-CAQ : Kenya from 2012
1108 JP JA6793 : Okayama City Fire Air Corps Nov96-Mar16, conv to C-1 ty+
NZ ZK-IMX : Southern Lakes Helicopters Ltd from May16
37 C/N.

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