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2338 1991 FR F-WYMD : as332L1 Eurocopter AS332L2, used as prototype many times
FR F-WNEF : Eurocopter, conv to Super Puma Mk.2+
FR F-ZVLR : Eurocopter, pictured conv to Cougar 725 f/f 27nov00
FR F-ZWCY : Eurocopter, conv to EC225LP, test serial F-WQEC
FR F-WMXA : ec725 Eurocopter, conv to EC725 Caracal
FR F-ZWCS : h225m Airbus France Sep19 trials with French DGA in Southern +
2600 2003 FR F-WQDJ : Eurocopter toward 7T-WVA, "1st EC225" mrks
DZ 7T-WVA : airforce VIP; to be 7T-VPE; Dec04 at Marignane, France +
DE D-HDON : Eurocopter Germany, Feb12
2603 2004 UK G-ZZSA : Bristow from Jul05
pictured just after take off from an offshore helideck +
sitting outside of Bristow Hangar at Aberdeen beside G-+
2615 2004 UK G-ZZSB : Bristow from Aug05
pictured with AS332L G-BLXR at offshore oil rig, North +
sitting outside of Bristow Hangar at Aberdeen without b+
2623 2004 FR F-WWOQ : Eurocopter France, for Algeria
DZ 7T-WVB : airforce VIP; Nov11 on sale
DE D-HPIT : Eurocopter Germany, Feb12
2645 JP 01021 : JGSDF Oct08, JG-1021 STH VIP type; 05ap18 pictured at M+
2648 OM A4O-HD : ORF, test serial F-WWOC; 14feb07 seen; 2011 active
at Barberey, France in route to Groningen, Netherlands
at Groningen, Netherlands in route to Stavanger, Norwa+
arrived to Stavanger, Norway
2650 OM A4O-HMA : ORF
2651 OM A4O-HMB : ORF
2653 OM A4O-HMC : ORF, test serial F-WWOV
2654 2006 UK G-ZZSC : Bristow from Sep06, test serial F-WWOG; Operated in Nor+
pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland
2656 JP 01022 : JGSDF Jan07, JG-1022 STH VIP type
w/o March 2011 submerged during the earthquake and tsun+
2658 2006 UK G-ZZSD : Bristow; Operated in North Sea
2659 JP 01023 : JGSDF Mar07, JG-1023 STH VIP type
2660 2006 UK G-ZZSE : Bristow from Feb07; Operated in North Sea
31jul09 pictured (top) departing at Bristow Heliport, D+
pictured (bot) at Norwich
2662 2007 UK G-ZZSF : Bristow; Operated in North Sea
2663 JP JA687A : Eurocopter Japan Dec07; to Coast Guard
JP JA687A : Coast Guard /MH687 from Mar08
2666 CN B-7125 : China Ministry of Transportation, South China Sea
4th EC225 for Ministry of Transport contract, del summe+
2668 2007 FR F-WQDI : Eurocopter toward D2-EVT
AO D2-EVT : Sonair
2670 JP JA688A : Coast Guard /MH688 from Mar08
2673 CN B-7126 : CITIC, test serial F-WWOY; "China Rescue" titles
CN B-7126 : China Ministry of Transportation, South China Sea
2674 2007 UK G-CHCL : CHC Scotia Nov07-Mar17, test serial F-WWOS
pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland
09Mar17 Sold to Wilmington Trust SP Services (Dublin) L+
UK G-CHCL : Wilmington Trust SP Services (Dublin) Ltd from Mar17
2675 2007 UK G-CHCM : CHC Scotia from Dec07, test serial F-WWOV; Dec18 still
2676 CN B-7127 : CITIC
CN B-7127 : China Ministry of Transportation
2677 AO D2-EVV : Sonair, test serial F-WQDK; pictured
2678 JP JA119Y : Tokyo Fire Department Feb08
2679 2007 UK G-CHCN : CHC Scotia d/d Mar08, Aberdeen
22 Oct 2012, set out from Aberdeen, using c/s HKS24T to+
ditched in the North Sea, 32 miles south of Shetland, +
2680 FR F-WWOE : Eurocopter France, to N225EW
US N225EW : ERA Helicopters, reser N225EH
US N225EH : ERA Helicopters Jun08-Dec09
BR PR-PLL : Aeroleo 2010-2018
US N590AC : ERA Leasing at Houston, TX from Dec18; Air Center Helic+
2681 2008 NG 5N-BKG : AeroContractors of Nigeria 2008-2009
UK G-PNEO : CHC Scotia Mar-Sep 2010; pictured at Aberdeen, Scotlan+
BR PR-CHV : BHS Sep10-Oct12
UK G-WNSO : CHC Scotia Oct12-Aug16
UK G-WNSO : Wilmington Trust SP Services (Dublin) Ltd at Dublin fro+
VP-CAJ : Re-registered Still with Willmington Trust SP Services +
2684 2007 MX XC-LKO : FAM TPH-02 d/d 15ap08 as TPH-01 for CGTAP
14feb16 serve to transport El Papa Francisco (Pope Fran+
2685 2008 FR F-WWOE : Eurocopter F-WWOE or F (?)
US N247CF : ERA Helicopters Jan/Dec 2009
at Cayenne, France
BR PR-VLL : Aeroleo 2010-2018; pictured
US N591AC : ERA Leasing from Dec18
US N591AC : Air Center Helicopters, lsd ERA
2687 CN B-7128 : CITIC
2688 2008 NG 5N-BKH : AeroContractors of Nigeria 2008-2010, test serial F-WWO+
NO LN-OHU : CHC Helikopter Service Jan/Apr 2011, G-ECLP ntu
AU VH-WEQ : Lloyd Australia Apr11-Nov13
UK G-WNSN : CHC Scotia Dec13-Jun16
On BBC breakfast in Aberdeen
UK G-WNSN : Stored at Vector Aerospace, Fleetlands; all white afte+
UK G-WNSN : Lombard North Central Plc from Jun16
2690 2008 UK G-REDU : Bond Helicopters at Aberdeen from May08
w/o ditched into the North Sea on approach to oil plat+
Nov12, CAA record as withdrawn from use. Aircraft is pr+
Aircraft used as trainer at Cranfield University, UK by+
2691 2008 NO LN-OHZ : CHC Helikopter Service 2008-Apr11
CHC Helikopter Service from May14,
UK G-CHCX : CHC Scotia Apr11-Apr14, LN-OJN ntu
2692 2008 NO LN-OJA : CHC Norway
2693 KZ UP-EC501 : Kazakhstan
2695 2008 UK G-ZZSO : Bristow Jun/Aug 2008
AU VH-ZFB : Bristow Australia Aug08-Dec10
MY 9M-STX : Malaysian Helicopter Services Jan/Aug 2011 ; d/d Kerte+
AU VH-ZFB : Bristow Australia from Aug11
2697 AO D2-EWN : Sonair
Sep14 Angola, working on BP contract under Sonair
13aug15 at Luanda, Angola
2699 2008 UK G-REDR : International Aviation leasing Ltd from Jun08; op by Bo+
9000hs G Check by Heli-One at Stavanger, Norway
UK G-REDR : Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd from Apr+
2701 UK G-REDT : Bond Offshore Helicopters at Aberdeen in red livery fr+
UK G-REDT : Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd from Apr+
2702 2008 KR HL9472 : South Korea National 119 Rescue Services /NR003 from De+
2703 2008 FR F-WQDH : Eurocopter, to D2-EWO
AO D2-EWO : Sonair; pictured
2707 2008 NO LN-OHX : CHC Helikopter Service; to 9M-AIT
MY 9M-AIT : CHC Malaysia
UK G-WNSP : CHC Scotia Aug13-Mar17
UK G-WNSP : Lombard North Central Plc from Mar17
2708 NO LN-OHY : CHC Helikopter Service; to PR-YCL
BR PR-YCL : BHS / CHC Brasil by 2012
IM M-ABKJ : Parilease SAS at Paris, France from Dec16; stored in Fr+
2709 2008 UK G-ZZSP : Bristow 04/22 Dec 2008, for Australia
Bristow Jul12-Feb13; pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland;
AU VH-ZFC : Bristow Australia 2009, to 9M-STQ
Bristow Australia Dec11, to UK
Bristow Australia from Mar13
2711 AO D2-EWP : Sonair
2712 MX XC-LKV : FAM TPH-01 for CGTAP
2714 2008 UK G-ZZSG : Bristow; Operated in North Sea
2715 2009 FR F-WJXV : Eurocopter France
NO LN-OHW : CHC Helikopter Service 2009-2016, test serial F-WJXV
IM M-ABJX : Parilease SAS at Paris, France from Dec16; stored in Fr+
M-ABJX/ 10 yellow. Stop at Treviso
UA 10 blue : Ministry of Interior d/d Dec18
Ukrainian National Guard at Alexandria Air Base from Ja+
10 yellow, not blue
2716 2009 NO LN-OJE : CHC, test serial F-WWOX
DE D-HAFT : Agrarflug Helilift GmbH from Mar18; May19 to Taiwan (??+
2718 OM A4O-HE : ORF, test serial F-WJXM Mar09
pictured at Ostend, Belgium inbound from Norway
2719 AO D2-EWQ : Sonair
2721 2009 FR F-WJXT : Eurocopter, to LN-OJF
NO LN-OJF : CHC Helikopter Service from 2009
at Flesland
w/o 29apr16 at Turøy, west of Sotra. 13 fatalities
23sep16 Statoil’s Report published
2722 2009 UK G-LJAM : CHC Scotia Oct/Nov 2009 for Brazil, test serial F-WJXK
BR PR-CHY : BHS Nov09-2016? 13 video at Aeroporto de Macaé, Rio de+
IM M-ABKK : Parilease SAS at Paris, France from Dec16; stored in Fr+
2723 2009 UK G-ZZSH : Bristow May09-Mar10; 31jul09 pictured at Bristow Helipo+
AU VH-ZFH : Bristow Australia Mar10-Apr12
UK G-ZZSH : Bristow May12-Feb13
AU VH-ZFH : Bristow Australia Mar13-May19
US N2723C : Bank of Utah Trustee from May19
2724 2009 UK G-CFZE : Bristow Jul/Aug 2009, to Australia
AU VH-ZFD : Bristow Australia Sep09-Oct18?
US N570AC : Bank of Utah Trustee Oct18-Feb19
IE N570AC : Vertical Aviation No1 Llc at Columbus, OH from Feb19
US N570AC : Air Center Helicopters
Nov19 in Melbourne, Australia configured as Rescue.. ma+
2725 2009 FR F-WWOD : Eurocopter Framce, to LN-OJB
NO LN-OJB : CHC Helikopter Service; 2010 replaced Bell 412ST LN-OMM
Mrt13 Flesland
IM M-ABJZ : Parilease SAS at Paris, France Dec16-Dec18; stored in F+
M-ABJZ/ 51 blue. Stop at Treviso
UA 51 blue : Ministry of Interior d/d Dec18; Rescue Service /51
2728 2009 UK G-CFZY : Bristow Jul/Sep 2009, test serial F-WJXX
AU VH-ZFE : Bristow Australia Sep09-Oct18?
US N572AC : Bank of Utah from Oct18-Feb19
IE N572AC : Vertical Aviation No1 Llc at Columbus, OH from Feb19
US N572AC : Air Center Helicopters 2019, pictured (pic1)
US N572AC : US Navy Military Sealift Command /06, op by Air Center +
2729 2009 UK G-CLAR : CHC Scotia Nov/Dec 2009 for Brazil, test serial F-WJXL
BR PR-CHX : BHS 2010-2016?
IM M-ABKD : Parilease SAS at Paris, France from Dec16; stored in Fr+
2730 2009 VN VN-8618 : SSFC; as F-WWOZ /H24 at Paris Air Show 2009
2731 OM A4O-HF : ORF
2732 2009 UK G-REDV : Bond Offshore Helicopters Jun09-May15, test serial F-W+
pictured at Aberdeen. On background S-92 N292PH / G-V+
US N781TC : ERA Aug15-Aug18
US N781TC : TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake,+
US N781TC : Air Center Helicopters by Nov18 (?)
2734 2009 FR F-WJXQ : Eurocopter, to G-REDW
UK G-REDW : Bond Offshore Helicopters Aug09-Feb15, test serial F-WJ+
FR : Airbus Helicopters France from 2015; fate unk
2735 VN VN-8619 : Southern Vietnam Helicopter Company; Sep13 flew 160 hou+
2736 2009 UK G-ZZSI : Bristow; ex G-CGES; Operated in North Sea
2739 NO LN-OJC : CHC Helikopter Service 2009-2016, test serial F-WWOX
IM M-ABKA : Parilease SAS at Paris, France from Dec16; stored in Fr+
arrived Airbus Albacete (spain) to be refurbished for +
UA ? : Ministry of Interior o/o
2740 2009 UK G-DRIT : CHC Scotia Oct/Dec 2009, for Brazil, test serial F-WJXZ
BR PR-CHW : BHS 2010-2016?
IM M-ABKE : Parilease SAS at Paris, France from Dec16; stored in Fr+
2741 FR F-GKEM : Eurocopter test serial F-WJXJ
FR 2741 : Aeronavale
visit to Oxford / Kidlington for participation in Air+
FR 2741 : AdlA GAM00.056 /SY from 30jun16
pictured with TBM700 at Bordeaux-Mérignac airbase
2742 FR F-WWOT : Eurocopter toward CN-BZG
MA CN-BZG : Gendarmerie ex F-WWOT
18apr13 landed Southampton Docks, UK on delivery
2743 2009 FR F-WWOC : Eurocopter toward D2-EQH
AO D2-EQH : Sonair
2744 FR F-WWOY : Eurocopter toward LN-OJD
NO LN-OJD : CHC Norway 2009-2016
IM M-ABKB : Parilease SAS at Paris, France from Dec16; stored in Fr+
UA 53 blue : Ministry of Interior d/d 07/jan19; Rescue Service /53
2745 2009 UK G-CHCJ : CHC Scotia Apr10-Sep16, test serial F-WGYP
IM M-ABJW : Parilease SAS at Paris, France from Dec16; stored in Fr+
2746 FR F-WWOI : Eurocopter toward D2-EQI
AO D2-EQI : Sonair
2747 FR F-WHFA : Eurocopter toward LN-OJG
NO LN-OJG : CHC Helikopter Service 2009-2016
IM M-ABKC : Parilease SAS at Paris, France from Dec16; stored in Fr+
UA 52 blue : Ukrainian AF roundels /52 Blue at Airbus España at Lo+
M-ABKC left Marseille on delivery flight towards Ukrai+
fuel stop in Treviso
fuel stop Budapest
Ministry of Interior /52
2749 CN F-WHFB : Eurocopter
44003 : People's Liberation Army Air Force; reser G-4403
2750 NO LN-ONF : Bristow Norway; Rescue
IS TF-EIR : Icelandic Coast Guard from , leased from Knut Axel Ugla+
2752 2010 FR F-GTDX : Eurocopter France , test serial F-WWOP, F-ZKCC
FR 2752 : Aeronavale
asg 32F at Lanveoc-Poulmic naval airbase
pictured (pic1) at Lanvéoc-Poulmic
Jul11 on a rescue mission to the Boudicc ship
pictured (pic2) and (pic3) at Lann Bihoué Naval airba+
FR 2752 : AdlA GAM00.056 /SZ from 30jun16
2753 CN F-WHFC : Eurocopter
2128 : People's Liberation Army Air Force; reser ?
2755 NO LN-ONG : Bristow Norway; Rescue
IS TF-GRO : Icelandic Coast Guard from Apr19, leased from Knut Axel+
2756 CN F-WHFD : Eurocopter
2129 : People's Liberation Army Air Force; reser ?
2759 ES EC-LEN : CNP, ordered 2008 d/d 2010, albacete test serial EC-091+
pictured as /Angel-40 at Cuatro Vientos
ES EC-ELN : Airbus España, Albacete 2016
BW OL1 : Botswana Defence Force from Sep16
2760 2010 BR PR-BLL : Aeroleo Taxi 2010-2018
US N597AC : Era Leasing Llc at Houston, TX from Jan19
US N597AC : Air Center Helicopters ?
2767 CN F-WHFE : Eurocopter
2130 : People's Liberation Army Air Force; reser ?
2768 2011 UK G-NNCY : CHC Scotia Oct10-May11
AU VH-WEV : LLoyd Australia May11-2016?
IM M-ABJO : Parilease SAS at Paris, France from Dec16; stored in Fr+
2769 2010 MY 9M-AIM : EC-225LP Super Puma Mk2+, test serial F-WGYO; Awan Ins+
US N225XT : Integrity Aircraft Title Holdings Llc at Portland, OR S+
Luzon, Philippines
KR HL9655 : South Korea, from Jul19; Air Ambulance
2773 2010 UK G-LCAS : CHC Scotia Oct/Dec 2010 for Brazil
BR PR-BGA : PR-BGB ntu; BHS Jan11-2016? ; 17 pictured at Aeroporto +
IM M-ABKF : Parilease SAS at Paris, France from Dec16; stored in Fr+
2775 2010 FR F-WWOY : Eurocopter France; Apr09 at Portugal with SonAir; 2011 +
UK G-CMJK : CHC Scotia jan-May 2011
AU VH-WEX : Lloyd Helicopters May11-2016?
IM M-ABJP : Parilease SAS at Paris, France from Dec16; stored in Fr+
2777 2010 FR F-WWOC : Eurocopter toward N109RR
US N109RR : ERA Helicopters from Dec10; ERA Leasing Mar/Sep 2019
US N582AC : Air Center Helicopters from Sep19, lsd ERA
2779 2011 AU VH-WSO : Lloyd Australia Jun11-2016?
IM M-ABJR : Parilease SAS at Paris, France from Dec16; stored in Fr+
2781 CN B-7136 : CITIC, test serial F-WJXR
2782 MY 9M-SPE : MHS Aviation, test serial F-WWOP
2783 AO D2-EQL : Sonair, Eurocopter test serial F-WWOX
2784 AO D2-EQM : Sonair; pictured
2785 2011 UK G-CGUA : Caledonian Helicopters Jul/Aug 2011
MY 9M-STJ : MHS Aug11-Jun13
UK G-CGUA : Bristow Jul13-Nov14; seen at Aberdeen, Scotland
AU VH-ZFS : Bristow Australia Dec14-May19
US N2785B : Bank of Utah Trustee from May19
2786 CN B-7137 : CITIC, test serial F-WJXS; "China Rescue" titles
CN B-7137 : China Maritime Safety Administration ?
2790 2011 UK G-CGUB : Caledonian Helicopters Jun/Aug 2011
MY 9M-STH : MHS Aug11-Jul13
UK G-CGUB : Bristow Jul13-Jul15
AU VH-ZFQ : Bristow Australia Jul15-May19
US N2790F : Bank of Utah Trustee from May19
2791 TW 2251 : Taiwan SAR, test serial F-WJXH,F-WWOG
2792 2011 UK G-CGUC : Caledonian Helicopters Jun/Aug 2011
MY 9M-STI : MHS Aug11-Nov13
AU VH-ZFK : Bristow Australia from Dec13
In storage at Karratha, Australia by Jan18
2793 TW 2252 : Taiwan SAR, test serial F-WJXF

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