Fairchild-Hiller FH-1100


All aluminum semi-monocoque five passenger light turbine helicopter. Originally powered by the Allison 250 C18 turbine. Now powered by the Rolls-Royce 250 C20B. The FH1100 was the first U.S. civilian turbine-powered light helicopter to go into production. Serial number 09 was the first FH1100 helicopter produced, on June 3, 1966. In 1968 the FH1100 became the first light-turbine helicopter introduced in an airborne ambulance configuration. In 1969 the FH1100 helicopter became the first civil light-turbine helicopter to be successfully used as a U.S. based helicopter air ambulance.


Engine: 1 x Allison 250-C18 (T63A-700) 317 shp
Capacity: 1 + 4
Length: (m) 8.48
Height: (m) 2.83
Blades: 2
Rotor diam.: (m) 10.8
Disc area: (m2) 53
Weight: (kgs) Empty: 621     Max: 1250
Speed: (km/h) Cruise: 195     Max: 204
Range: (km) 560
Ceiling: (m) 4300
Rate/Climb: (m/min) 487

List of Operators of Fairchild-Hiller FH-1100

From Organisation with model FH-1100
argentina Aviacion de Ejercito Argentino
    9 1968/79
brazil Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil
    6 1968/76

Construction Numbers on database of FH-1100 or its versions


Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
10 US N517FH : At Paris Air Show 1967; to UK
UK G-AVTG : exN517FH; wfu 23 Feb 1973
15 US N525FH : FH-1100 cn15, ff:?; SunCoast Air as N525FH, unk
21 US N92484 : FH-1100, cn21, ff:?; xfer private as N92484, unk
23 US N5594K : FH-1100 cn23, ff:?; xfer Hollingsworth Financial Servic+
28 US N703E : FH-1100 cn28 ff:?; xfer private as N703E, unk
40 1967 US N540FH : USA, to N6ST
US N6ST : private at Deland, FL
private at Arlington, TX Jun10-Jul12
Bills Helicopter Service Inc at Woodlawn, VA Jul12-Mar1+
United Helicopter Llc at Sarasota, FL May14-Mar16
private at Davison, MI fom Mar16
43 US N543FH : FH-1100, cn43, ff:?; xfer private as N543FH, unk
47 US N547FH : FH-1100 cn47, ff:?; xfer private as N547FH, unk
55 US N755RH : FH-1100 cn55, ff:?; xfer private as N755RH, unk
63 US N4258X : FH-1100 cn63, ff:?; xfer private as N4258X, unk
64 US N5020F : FH-1100 cn64, ff:?; xfer Horizon Aviation as N5020F, un+
73 1967 US N747FH : 1968 pictured at a car show on the Mall in Washington, +
US N35HA : Carson Leasing and Equity Inc Dec76; 11nov87 crash at T+
81 US N581FH : FH-1100 cn81, ff:?; xfer private as N581FH, unk
82 AR LQ-JGI : Gobierno de Formosa (DPA) 24apr68, test serial N582FH,+
AR LV-JGI : to Gendarmeria
Gobierno de Formosa Police 1995
AR GN-906 : GNA, rtn to LV-JGI
US N785LC : unk
: dumped at FDO
AR AE-389 : Ejercito, preserved at Campo de Mayo
83 US N99024 : FH-1100 cn83, ff:?; xfer EMCO Helicopters as N99024, un+
97 US N780SC : FH-1100 cn97, ff:?; xfer Van Nevel Helicopters Inc as N+
98 US N9987S : FH-1100 cn98, ff:?; xfer Triple H Aviation Inc as N9987+
100 US N372F : FH-1100 cn100, ff:?; xfer Van Nevel Helicopters Inc as +
102 BR N-7018 : Marinha UH-4 type 1968-1976 asg HU-1
103 BR N-7019 : Marinha UH-4 type 1968-1976 asg HU-1
104 BR N-7020 : Marinha UH-4 type. to civ as PP-EGC
105 BR N-7021 : Marinha UH-4 type. to civ as PP-EGD
106 BR N-7022 : Marinha UH-4 type. to civ as PP-EGE
107 US N420FH : to 9M-APG
MY 9M-APG : Malaysia Air Charter
108 AR LQ-JGJ : Gobierno de Formosa (DPA), fate unk prob LV-JGJ
109 BR N-7023 : Marinha UH-4 type 1968-1976 asg HU-1
117 US N377FH : Northwest Helicopters
124 1968 US N419FH : ERA Helicopters Jul75-May76; fate unk
126 1968 US N426FH : ERA Helicopters Jul75-May76; fate unk
128 1968 US N423FH : ERA Helicopters Jul75-May76
142 US N434FH : FH-1100 cn142, ff:?; xfer Metro Service Air Inc as N434+
145 US N382FH : FH-1100 cn145, ff:?; xfer Office of Transportation, Pue+
148 US N34F : FH-1100 cn148, ff:?; xfer private as N34F, unk
149 AR LV-JTX : Argentine Art Graphic 07apr69; to Banco La Plata (Bank)+
AR LQ-JTX : Policia Bonaerense, ex LV-JTX; 27sep12 pictured preserv+
151 AR AE-300 : Ejercito d/d oct68; w/0 04jun72
152 AR AE-301 : Ejercito d/d oct68
153 AR AE-302 : Ejercito d/d oct68; w/o 15mar73
154 AR AE-303 : Ejercito d/d oct68; w/o 14mar74
155 AR AE-304 : Ejercito d/d oct68; w/o 27feb74
158 US N915B :
US N915BL :
MY 9M-AQK : Malaysia Air Charter, to ZK-HKN
162 1969 US N550F : to N1NJ
US N1NJ : New Jersey State Police (NJSP); to N88860
US N250AD : 1990s, worked on by Rick Naylor at Clearwater Helicopte+
Floating Czech Inc at Valparaiso, IN from Aug98; w/o 19+
163 US N551F : ERA Helicopters Jul75-May76
166 AR AE-305 : Ejercito
167 AR AE-306 : Ejercito
168 US N556F : FH-1100 cn168, ff:?; xfer Van Nevel Helicopters Inc as +
170 CL C-08 : Carabineros d/d 1970; wfu
173 US N559F : private at Anchorage, AK May91-Apr18
186 US N5038F : FH-1100 cn186, ff:?; xfer private as N5038F, unk
190 AR LQ-JPT : Gobierno de Misiones (DPA)
AR LV-JPT : Gobierno de Misiones
US N602VN : to N313BG
US N313BG : Nov07 Boulder City, NV; Feb13 canc
191 US N5045F : FH-1100 cn191, ff:?; xfer Mazzeo Helicopters Inc as N50+
196 US N5049F : FH-1100 cn196, ff:?; xfer private as N5049F, unk
198 US N5052F : FH-1100 cn198, ff:?; xfer private as N5052F, unk
202 US N63HZ : FH-1100 cn202, ff:?; xfer Plane Fun Inc as N63HZ, unk
204 AR AE-398 : Ejercito
205 AR AE-399 : Ejercito, to LV-OAO
AR LV-OAO : MinDef Direccion General de Fabricaciones Militares (DG+
Gobierno de Salta DPA
206 US N5065F : FH-1100 cn206, ff:?; xfer private as N5065F, unk
210 US N210FH : FH-1100 cn210, ff:?; xfer Helicopter Technology Inc as +
218 US N5058F : FH-1100 cn218, ff:?; xfer private as N5058F, unk
221 AR LV-JXD : Secretaria de Estado Obras Servicios Publicos y Transpo+
222 AR LV-JTW : Secretaria de Estado de Energia y Mineria 1971
232 US N232FH : FH-1100 cn232, ff:?; xfer private as N232FH, unk
233 US N12MH : FH-1100 cn233, ff:?; xfer Van Nevel Helicopters Inc as +
238 US N5071F : FH-1100 cn238, ff:?; xfer private as N5071F, unk
242 US N5060F : FH-1100 cn242, ff:?; xfer private as N5060F, unk
251 US N30VA : VSP Virginia State Police; wfu
254 US N8171U : FH-1100 cn254, ff:?; xfer Horizon Helicopters Inc as N8+
501 US N4034W : FH-1100 cn501, ff:?; xfer Helicopters of NW Florida Inc+
502 1982 US N4035G : Helicopters of NW Florida Inc at Navarre, FL Sep05-Jun+
Helicopter Connection Llc at Minneapolis, MN from 19aug+
w/o 06oct16 crashed in Lino Lakes, MN. Report not yet a+
I saw it happen and the back(rear) rotor shaped in half+
503 US N6005N : FH-1100 cn503, ff:?; xfer Plane Fun Inc as N6005N, unk
CR TI-SPH : del Costa Rican Ministry of Security as TI-SPH, 1973
70 C/N.

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