Kamov ka-27 Helix

Derived from ka-25

Kamov ka-27 Helix

ka-27 Helix
Designed to replace the Ka-25 Hormone as ship on-board helicopter of the Soviet Navy. Compared to the Ka-25 it has more powerful engines, a bit longer fuselage and a redesigned tail. First flew on December 24, 1973 but entered service around 1980
The Ka-27 come in four main versions, known as Ka-27, 28, 29, and 32. The Ka-27 is the basic naval helicopter having two variants: the Ka-27PL fitted for antisubmarine warfare and the Ka-27PS for search and rescue. The Ka-28 is an export version of the Ka-27PL. The Ka-29 and Ka-29TB are assault transport helicopters. The Ka-32 is the commercial variant including the Ka-32S equipped for adverse weather and the flying crane Ka-32K

Model News

India to Order Ten Additional Ka-31 in $ 500M Deal, 04-May-19 : #Ka31 Indian navy to receive 10 additional Ka-31 Airborne Early Warning (AEW) helicopters for the aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya

Modernized Ka-27M for the Russian Navy, 22-Aug-17 : Russian Helicopters completed Ka-27M upgrades tests and is ready for serial delivery to the Russian Navy

Russian Helicopters at Maritime Show IMDS 2015, 01-Jul-15 : Russian Helicopters will showcase its latest developments for maritime use during the 7th International Maritime Defence Show (IMDS 2015) in St. Petersburg from 1 to 5 July 2015

Maintenance on Indian Navy Ka-31, 05-May-15 : Russian Helicopters has returned to India the first two refurbished Ka-31 helicopters produced by Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise (KumAPE)

Russian Navy Ka-27 ASW Helicopters to be Modernised, 02-Apr-15 : Russian Helicopters plans to repair and modernise a batch of naval shipborne Ka-27 helicopters from the Russian Navy.


Engine: 2 x Klimov TV3-117 2200 shp
Capacity: 2 + 16
Length: (m) 11.3
Height: (m) 5.5
Blades: 6
Rotor diam.: (m) 15.8
Disc area: (m2) 392
Weight: (kgs) Empty: 6500     Max: 12000
Speed: (km/h) Cruise: 205     Max: 270
Range: (km) 980
Ceiling: (m) 5000
Rate/Climb: (m/min)

Derivatives & Versions

Ka-27ps Helix-D Search and rescue (SAR) variant with ASW equipment removed and winch fitted.
Ka-29 Helix-B Assault transport variant of the Ka-27 with accommodation for two pilots and 16 troops
ka-32 1981
Ka-28 Helix-D 1982 Export version of ka-27PL
Ka-31 Helix 1988 The Ka-31 is the naval airborne early warning (AEW) and control variant of the Ka-27 Helix
The Kamov Ka-31 features two sets of 3 bladed main rotors mounted above each other, contra-rotating about a common axis.

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