Aerospatiale SA365 Dauphin 2

SA365C Dauphin 2


Aerospatiale SA365C Dauphin 2

First twin-engined version of the SA360 Dauphin first announced in 1973. First flight January 24, 1975 with deliveries started in December 1978 and continue until 1981. Powered by 2 Arriel 1. Succeeded by the SA365N

List of Operators of Aerospatiale SA365C Dauphin 2

From Organisation with model SA365C Dauphin 2
dominican republic Fuerza Aerea Dominicana
    SA365 Dauphin 2 2 1978/??
united kingdom Bond Aviation Group
    SA365 Dauphin 2 1981/   

argentina Helicopteros Marinos
    SA365 Dauphin 2
Construction Numbers on database of SA365C Dauphin 2


Construction Numbers

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5001 1977 FR F-GFYH : SA.365C, conv SA.365C1
UK G-PLMI : PLM Helicopters Jun95-Jul97; PLM Dollar Group from Jul9+
at Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airport in storage
5003 DO HI358 : SA.365C; conv SA.365C2
DO 3022 : FAD, ex HI-358
5005 LK CH-531 : Sri Lankan Air Force, test serial F-WXFL; preserved SLA+
LK CH-533 : preserved SLAF Museum, Colombo as CH533
5009 DE D-HOPE : Polizei Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony Police), 2004, SA36+
achieved 30 years of service with Niedersachsen Landes+
5015 US N90049 : private New York, canc Nov83, rtn to France
FR F-WYMC : Aerospatiale, conv to 365C3 type
MC 3A-MJP : Heli Air Monaco; Early 1990s pictured at now defunct do+
RP RP-C1207 : Phillipines
5017 1978 FR F-WTNW : Aerospatiale SA.365C N5795A ntu, conv to SA.365C2
FR F-GBGV : Heli Union Aug78, Mar79 lsd to F-ODJL then LV-AID
AR LV-AID : Helicopteros Marinos Oct87, pictured (pic1); pictured (+
FR F-GHXF : Heli-Union Apr92, conv to SA.365C3, canc Apr02, to EC-I+
ES EC-IEL : Helicsa from June 2002 ex F-GHXF
pictured (pic3) at Cuatro Vientos
DE D-HNHC : NHC from Jun09; May19 pictured (pic4) at Emden
5022 1979 US N3601S : Aerospatiale USA Feb80-Feb81
UK G-BJKA : Bond Helicopters Sep81-Nov91; conv to SA.365C3
FR F-GIIP : France Apr94-Jul01
CI TU-THF : IAS Cote d Ivoire from 18sep01, ex Afrique Helicoptere
5025 RO YR-DFA : Romania Gov, test serial F-WYMH
FR F-WTMH : conv to AS365C1
AU VH-PVA : Victoria Police 1986-2001; wfu
5027 US N122ME : USA 1980-Feb82, ntu N3594D
FR F-ZBEC : Securite Civile; tmp as F-ZKCB; conv to SA.365C2 type; +
CI TU-TMM : IAS Cote d Ivoire, ex Afrique Helicoptere; SA.365C3 typ+
5033 RO YR-DFB : Romania, test serial F-WYMA; VIP Romanian President Ni+
FR F-WTNG : conv to 365C1
AU VH-PVK : Victoria Police 1986-2001
AU VH-PVK : RACQ CQ Rescue 2004-2009
10 C/N.

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