Del'd: 20 - 1996 to present

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792M02 mi-17-1v     J-1702: Jandarma
792M03 mi-17-1v     J-1703: Jandarma
792M18 mi-17-1v     J-1718: Jandarma
792M01 mi-17-1v     J792M01: Jandarma
792M02 mi-17-1v     J792M02: Jandarma re-registered to J-1702
792M03 mi-17-1v     J792M03: Jandarma re registered to J-1703
792M04 mi-17-1v     J792M04: Jandarma d/d 1995
792M05 mi-17-1v     J792M05: Jandarma
792M06 mi-17-1v     J792M06: Jandarma
792M07 mi-17-1v     J792M07: Jandarma
792M08 mi-17-1v     J792M08: Jandarma d/d nov95
792M09 mi-17-1v     J792M09: Jandarma
792M10 mi-17-1v     J792M10: Jandarma
792M11 mi-17-1v     J792M11: Jandarma
792M12 mi-17-1v     J792M12: Jandarma
792M13 mi-17-1v     J792M13: Jandarma
792M14 mi-17-1v     J792M14: Jandarma
792M15 mi-17-1v     J792M15: Jandarma d/d 1995
792M16 mi-17-1v     J792M16: Jandarma
792M17 mi-17-1v     J792M17: Jandarma
792M18 mi-17-1v     J792M18: Jandarma re-registered to J-1718
792M19 mi-17-1v     J792M19: Jandarma
792M20 mi-17-1v     J792M20: Jandarma