AgustaWestland AW149
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2009 to present

AgustaWestland Italy AW149

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    49006     CSX81848: 14jul14 pictured (pic2) at FAI 2014 in AMI 1-49 livery
    48002     CSX81890: 11jul16 pictured on display at FIA 16
Italian Air Force CSX81890: AMI, conv from AW189 49024
    49002 2011     I-AWCE: 13nov12 pictured (pic2) at the Arlington Municipal Airport, +
    49039 aw189 2016     I-AWCU: Reg as I-AWCU for Leonardo by Aug 2017
Bel Air Aviation OY-HFD: Bel Air, test serial I-EASO
    49006     I-AWTH: Feb14 pictured (pic1) at Heli-Expo 2014 Anaheim, CA in ERA H+
    49001 2009     I-EASA: AgustaWestland; AW.149 P1 f/f 13nov99 at Vergiate; re regi+
    49023 aw189 2015     I-EASN: AgustaWestland Oct15
Dubai Air Wing DU-101: Dubai Air Wing
    49012 aw189 2014     I-EASO: AgustaWestland, to Weststar
Weststar Aviation 9M-WSS: Weststar d/d Jul14 Farnborough airshow
    49022 aw189 2015     I-EASR: Originally intended for Caverton Nigeria, but never delivere+
Caverton -: Caverton Nigeria Apr15, ntu

Milestone Aviation -: Vertical Aviation No1 Ltd at Dublin, Ireland

Lloyd Helicopters VH-WEQ: Lloyd Helicopters from Aug17, for CHC ; First AW189 fo+

CHC Helicopters Australia VH-WEQ: Nov17 arrived at Karratha by AN-124
    49021 aw189 2015     I-LCIB: AgustaWestland from Apr15, test serial I-RAIM; 21may15 at C+
Lease Corporation International -: LCI

- EI-GCR: Portrush Aviation Ltd from 19sep17

Weststar Aviation 9M-WST: Weststar from Dec17
    49011 aw189     I-LCIH: AgustaWestland Italy; Nov14 Demo tour in North Sea
    49002 2011     I-PTFA: AgustaWestland; AW.149 P2 f/f 26feb11 at Vergiate
    49005 aw189 2013     I-PTFF: AgustaWestland P5 prototype 2013
Bristow I-PTFF: Jul13 AgustaWestland pre-production aircraft used for t+

AgustaWestland UK I-PTFF: 24sep13 pictured (pic1) in Bristow colours at London He+

04oct13 pictured (pic2) at Aberdeen, Scotland

AgustaWestland UK I-AWTG: AgustaWestland UK 2014, based at Yeovil still in Bristo+

AgustaWestland UK I-PTFF: 30sep14 in HM Coast Guard Rescue livery at Yeovil

Her Majesty’s Coastguard I-PTFF: 07oct14 unveiled by Bristow and AgustaWestland in HM co+
    49001 2009     I-PTFN: AgustaWestland ex I-EASA
    49004 aw189 2012     I-RAIC: AgustaWestland Sep09, P4
    49007 aw189 2013     I-RAID: AgustaWestland f/f 10oct13, first production aircraft (Brist+
Bristow G-OENA: Bristow from 22may14

21jul14 1st Bristow North Sea commercial operation with+
    49003 aw189 2011     I-RAIH: AgustaWestland AW189 1st prototype; f/f 21dec11 pictured (p+
Agusta Spa I-RAIH: Conv to AW189K with new Aneto-1K 2500 shp engine f/f M+
    49006     I-RAII: AgustaWestland AW149 P6; Oct13 PZL Poland air force grey cam+
    49019 aw189     I-RAIL: AgustaWestland
ERA Helicopters N314SS: ERA from Dec15
    49028 aw189 2015     I-RAIM: AgustaWestland Sep15
Aeroleo Taxi Aereo ?: Aeroleo Taxi Aereo / ERA Helicopters; Mar17 at Rio de+
    49013 aw189 2014     I-RAIM: AgustaWesetland 2014, for Bel Air; pictured (pic1)
Bel Air Aviation OY-HMP: Bel-Air Aviation from 03oct14; 14-16oct14 at Helitech 2+

15oct14 delivered during Helitech 2014, Amsterdam

Jun15 achieves 600 flight hours and becames global flee+
    49008 aw189 2013     I-RAIP: AgustaWestland Italy Feb13
Bristow G-OENB: Bristow from 17apr14

23sep14 pictured (top) at Norwich

17feb15 pictured (bot) at Norwich
    49024 aw189     I-RAIQ: AgustaWestland, conv to AW149 48002
    49025 aw189     I-RAIR: Agusta Westland, test serial I-EASN
Aeroleo Taxi Aereo ?: Aeroleo Taxi Aereo / ERA Helicopters; Mar17 pictured at+
    89002 aw189 2017     I-RAIU: AgustaWestland
Bristow G-OENC: Bristow from Aug17

06Aug17 Arrive Aberdeen to commence oil support offshor+
    49018 aw189     I-RAIV: AgustaWestland Jan15
ERA Helicopters N189EH: ERA from Dec15
    49033 aw189 2015     I-RAIW: AgustaWestland Oct15; pictured (pic1)
Vietnam Helicopter Company VN-8640: VNH South from Dec15

22feb16 pictured (pic2) entering operations at Cuu Long+

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