1950 to ??

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1967/72112 MedCoBangor International Airport
Augusta State Airport

List of Aircraft

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

359 OH-23B     51-16190: US Army, to civ
- N9041U: UH-12B type; w/o 26jan13 crash west of Adams Ranch, FL+
433 OH-23B 1952     51-16241: US Army H-23B, redeseg OH-23B; conv to UH-12B
- N41319: UH-12B type, Jun73

Cayton Ent Inc at Ellabell, GA from Apr07

Sep16-Jan17, sold Hiller H23 1952; Total rebuild with +
512 OH-23B 1953     51-16304: Us Army H-23B, then OH-23B; to N13414
- N13414: ex 51-16304, conv UH-12B; Whirlybirds Ltd from 1995; 2+
534 OH-23B     51-16322: US Army
- N5776: Tynan Flyers; w/o 10dec16 at Tynan, Texas
229 UH-12A     51-4007: US Army H-23A Raven
- N4254A: private at Wyane, MI from Mar92; Dec15 still
1148     58-5499: OH-23D Raven; 1975 to N65275; 1976 to N96TH, canc Feb84; +
Argentine Army Aviation AE-360: Ejercito d/d 1983; army aviation school
1223 1960     59-2743: H-23D Raven, redesig OH-23D
- N62381: conv to UH-12D; conv to UH-12E

Delta Helicopters C-FBWE: North Delta Copters Ltd at Delta, BC, Jul/Oct 1991

Delta Helicopters Oct91-Apr07

- C-FBWE: Western Aerial Applications Ltd at Chilliwack, BC from +

10aug15 at Winnipeg, Manitoba
1403     61-3217: US Army OH-23D; 1975 to N65156, canc Oct84; to Argentina
Argentine Army Aviation AE-361: Ejercito d/d 1983; army aviation school
1498     63-12783: US Army OH-23D
- N99GM: canc