1993 to 2004

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1208 SESA, jul95; ex 64-14084
US Army Aviation 64-14084: US Army; 1995 to Argentina as spares
1057     LV-WAV: conv Garlick-Bell UH-1B; ex 64-13933; Servicios Especiales S+
US Army Aviation 64-13933: US Army; 08sep73 to XA0043/AMARC
426     LV-WED: Servicios Especiales SA d/d jun93; Mendoza, Argentina; dam 1+
US Army Aviation 62-1906: US Army; 25nov75 to XA0096/AMARC; to Panama

national air naval service 111: FAP d/d 1976; ex 62-1906; to TI-SPP

- TI-SPP: Ministerio de Seguridad Publica Costa Rica 1978; to N42+

- N4242T: Conby Services Inc; dam 14abr86; Southwest Florida Avi+

Paraguay Air Force PR-H-005: FAP 1996; ex BuNo 62-01906; pictured preserved as gate +
755     LV-WGS: Servicios Especiales SA 1996, Mendoza Argentina; to CC-CNK
US Army Aviation 63-8533: US Army; 13sep76 to XA0219/AMARC; to Singapore

Republic of Singapore Air Force 266: RSAF; ex 63-08533; to N479SA

- N479SA: conv to Garlick-Bell UH-1B

- CC-CNK: ex LV-WGS; to CC-PCD

- CC-PCD: 2007 Tobalaba, Chile
1157     LV-WIX: onv Garlick-Bell UH-1B; Servicios Especiales SA, Mendoza Arg+
US Army Aviation 64-14033: US Army; 23jan76 to XA0129/AMARC; to Singapore

Paraguay Air Force PR-H-004: FAP 1996; ex 4-14033, LV-WIX; 2006 stored
833     LV-WMS: conv Garlick-Bell UH-1B; Servicios Especiales SA, Mendoza Ar+
US Army Aviation 63-8611: US Army; 21sep73 to XA0045/AMARC

Paraguay Air Force PR-H-003: FAP 1996; ex 63-08611, LV-WMS; 2006 stored
318     LV-WNR: Servicios Especiales SA 1995; Mendoza, Argentina in all oran+
US Army Aviation 61-0738: Bell HU-1B-BF; 1962 redesig UH-1B-BF; 04May76 to XA014+

- N331WN: State of Washington; ex 61-0738; to N816SC

State of Washington N816SC: Snohomish County Sheriffs Office; Snohomish County Heli+

- CC-CNL: Linea de Aero Servicios 1996; Chile; canc
505     LV-WPJ: Servicios Especiales SA 1997, Mendoza Argentina; 2004 LAVIAS+
US Army Aviation 62-1985: US Army; 27sep76 to XA0233/AMARC; to Singapore

Republic of Singapore Air Force 255: RSAF; ex 62-01985; to N489SA

- N489SA: Galewind Aviation 1996; conv to Garlick-Bell UH-1B

- LV-WPJ: private Argentina; 11 pictured during 31st convention E+