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Avinco to Remarket 21 ex-CHC H225 Fleet, 17-Oct-16 : Avinco awarded contract to marketing 21 EC225LP Super Pumas previously operated by CHC. Helicopters were manufactured between 2007 and 2012, 3 are in SAR and 18 in Oil and Gas configuration

CHC EC225/H225 Reaches 100,000 Flight Hours, 29-Jul-15 : CHC Helicopter reached 100,000 flight hours with its fleet of EC225LP/H225 helicopters last April being the current largest operator of the type with more than 40 delivered since 2007

CHC / Shell launches SAR service in Australia, 07-Jul-14 : Shell Australia has launched a dedicated search and rescue (SAR) helicopter service with operator CHC Helicopter to support the offshore oil and gas industry in the Kimberley – the first of its kind in Australia.

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    2319 as332l1 1990     VH-LAF: Lloyd Offshore Helicopters from Nov94
braathens LN-OBT: Braathens, to HS

Helikopter Service LN-OBT: CHC Helikopter Service, to VH-LAF

CHC Helicopters Australia VH-LAF: CHC Australia from Jan08
    2317 as332l1 1990     VH-LHG: Lloyd Offshore from Apr95
braathens LN-OBR: Braathens, to HS

Helikopter Service LN-OBR: CHC Helikopter Service, to VH-LHG

CHC Helicopters Australia VH-LHG: CHC Australia from Jan08
    2407 as332l1 1994     VH-LHH: Lloyd Helicopters from 1998
Malaysian Helicopter Sevices Aviation Berhad 9M-STU: MHS Aviation, to VH-LHH, rtn to Maylasia and again to V+

CHC Helicopters Australia VH-LHH: CHC Australia Aug07-2016

Heli Austria GmbH OE-XSP: Heli Austria from May16

02sep16 pictured at Zeltweg

16mar18 at Bellinzona, Switzerland
    2312 as332l1 1990     VH-LOJ: Lloyd Helicopters from Aug13
braathens LN-OBQ: Braathens 1990-1993, test serial F-WTNV

Helikopter Service LN-OBQ: CHC Helikopter Service 1994-2003

Malaysian Helicopter Sevices Aviation Berhad 9M-STW: MHS Aviation 2003-2008

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-FWPE: CHC Feb09-Jan10

CHC Helicopters Australia VH-LOJ: CHC Australia Feb10-Aug13
    2468 as332l1 1997     VH-LYH: Lloyd Helicopters Sep11-2016?
Helikopter Service LN-OMT: CHC Helicopter Service 1997-2004

Aeroleo Taxi Aereo PR-FNT: Aeroleo Sep04-Aug10

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GGKX: CHC from Aug10; 04jan11 rolled over port side during gr+

Heli Austria GmbH OE-XKP: Heli Austria from Nov16
    2381 as332l1 1992     VH-LYI: Lloyd Helicopters from Feb12
Eurocopter France F-WTNH: Eurocopter toward LN-OBF

braathens LN-OBF: Braathens 1992-1993

Helikopter Service LN-OBF: Helikopter Services 1993-1999, taken over from Braathen+

CHC Helikopter Service 1999-2004

Aeroleo Taxi Aereo PR-GDR: Aeroleo Jul04-Jul10

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GGKY: CHC Nov10-Feb11

CHC Helicopters Australia VH-LYI: CHC Australia Feb11-Feb12
    2851 ec225lp 2012     VH-TQP: Lloyd Australia from Apr13
CHC Scotia G-ITAV: CHC Scotia Nov12-Apr13
    2827 ec225lp 2012     VH-TQU: Lloyd Australia from Jul12
CHC Scotia G-YRKE: CHC Scotia Apr/Jul 2012
    2848 ec225lp 2012     VH-TQV: Lloyd Australia from Nov12
    2688 ec225lp 2008     VH-WEQ: Lloyd Australia Apr11-Nov13
Aero Contractors Nigeria 5N-BKH: AeroContractors of Nigeria 2008-2010, test serial F-WWO+

Helikopter Service LN-OHU: CHC Helikopter Service Jan/Apr 2011, G-ECLP ntu

CHC Scotia G-WNSN: CHC Scotia from Dec13

03jun14 On BBC breakfast in Aberdeen

Vector Aerospace G-WNSN: 20apr16 Stored at Vector Aerospace, Fleetlands; all whi+
    2768 ec225lp 2011     VH-WEV: LLoyd Australia from 13may11
CHC Scotia G-NNCY: CHC Scotia Oct10-May11
    2775 ec225lp 2010     VH-WEX: Lloyd Helicopters from May11
Eurocopter France F-WWOY: Eurocopter France; Apr09 at Portugal with SonAir; 2011 +

CHC Scotia G-CMJK: CHC Scotia jan-May 2011
    2794 ec225lp 2011     VH-WGV: Lloyd Australia from Jun11
    2779 ec225lp 2011     VH-WSO: Lloyd Australia from Jun11